I Go in Binges

I can go several months without buying a new CD (I’m one of those annoying people who doesn’t like the low 128 you get with downloads).  But, I kind of went nuts ordering discs off of Amazon.  A lot of them were crud after a listen and I won’t bother listing those right now, because I just don’t feel like it.  So out of five discs, two sucked, two were okay, and one has been played multiple times every day for the past week.

The one that I liked best was Luna’s Rendezvouz.  Luna is one of those bands that I’d always meant to get around to, but they’re so low key that for one reason or another I’d been passing them over…for like 12 years.  The songs on Rendezvouz feel a lot like the drive just before you’re picking up whoever you’re picking up or like the 3am drive home.  It’s very much music for when you’re alone and wanting to be, at least for a while.  I liked the album a lot, enough to pick up their much acclaimed Penthouse