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I just got a Sony VAIO notebook computer on Tuesday, so now I can be one of those twits who goes to Borders and hangs out at the cafe while playing on their notebooks.  It’s cool though.  One of the things that happens with me is I get bored very quickly and can’t pay attention to anything for more than half an hour without my head starting to spin.  So yeah, being able to pick up and go is way convenient if I actually want to work on something for more than half an hour a day.  Though hell, I’m spending a lot of money on freaking coffee lately.

Random Observation: Women and Porn

I was in Borders last night getting some books and while I was waiting in line an attractive female employee was walking behind the registers carrying a Playboy girls of whatever magazine.  My friend and I noted that was somehow appealing, seeing a hot chick with porn.  Why I don’t know, she was only holding it to process it as lost/damaged stock.

Otakon 2006

Otakon was such a blast this year, especially the late night voice actor panel on Saturday night.  That would definitely be the highlight of the convention for me.  Even if you aren’t a fan of English dubs, I recommend the late night panel and just watching these entertainers go off.  It’s a riot.

Other highlight was getting to see four episodes of Haruhi, which was actually shown at Otakon.  Initially the schedule said what would be shown in the theatre was Haruhi, but was changed to Kodokawa Presents or something like that.  However, we went anyway figuring Haruhi was a Kodokawa show and it just might have been a request from Kodokawa to change the name of the event.  If that’s what happened it was a mistake on their part as the theatre would have been filled, but whatever reason, a lot of people who would have seen it didn’t get to because of the event name change.  Word got around, but the theater was only about a third full.

Haruhi has received a bucketload of hype.  It lives up to it.

Liscencing news from Otakon has already filtered out, so I won’t repeat it here, but I was really excited to see Funimation get School Rumble.  I don’t know much about the show actually, but I was thrilled to hear it liscenced anyway.

Spent too much in the dealer’s room again, spending almost $100 just on key chains and pins/charms alone from Fate/Stay Night, Disgaea, Fullmetal Alchemist, Tsubasa, and Mai-Hime.  Picked up four artbooks and one figure (GSC’s Henriatta from Gunslinger Girl).  The coolest thing I got though was a prize for answering a trivia question about the upcoming Paradise Kiss at the Geneon panel.  It’s the butterfly hairclip that George makes for Yukari.  Apparently, a boutique in Japan had recreated many of the costumes and jewelry from the Paradise Kiss manga.  It’s gorgeous.  Makes me wish I was a girl so I could wear it.  I could be selfish and keep it in a display case unused to display like I display figures.  Part of me really wants to keep it for myself because I love that scene, but it should be worn by someone.  I’ll post pictures of it later.

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