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Transformers Movie

The Transformers Movie is awesome. To keep myself intellectually sound I could say that perhaps it was my low expectations being exceeded due to foreknowledge of Michael Bay films, but no. This movie is better than I thought any live action Transformers movie could be. First off it’s funny. Very funny, especially in the first [...]


I just got a Sony VAIO notebook computer on Tuesday, so now I can be one of those twits who goes to Borders and hangs out at the cafe while playing on their notebooks.  It’s cool though.  One of the things that happens with me is I get bored very quickly and can’t pay attention [...]

Random Observation: Women and Porn

I was in Borders last night getting some books and while I was waiting in line an attractive female employee was walking behind the registers carrying a Playboy girls of whatever magazine.  My friend and I noted that was somehow appealing, seeing a hot chick with porn.  Why I don’t know, she was only holding it to [...]

Otakon 2006

Otakon was such a blast this year, especially the late night voice actor panel on Saturday night.  That would definitely be the highlight of the convention for me.  Even if you aren’t a fan of English dubs, I recommend the late night panel and just watching these entertainers go off.  It’s a riot. Other highlight [...]

Cheese Biscuits

I had not been to a Red Lobster in like fifteen years.  A couple of days ago, one of my friends got a gift certificate to Red Lobster from his job, so off we went.  The best part of the meal were the cheesy biscuits.  That’s not meant as a slight to the food, which [...]

Breakfast Salad

After eating a couple thousand bagels and a million truckloads of breakfast cereal, I lost interest in breakfast often enough I’d skip it.  Why is breakfast food so bland?  Anyway, it’s supposedly bad for you to go long stretches without eating something, especially if you need to regulate your blood sugar levels like I do.  [...]


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