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Air News Makes Me Happy

After all the overblown doom and gloom this week about the status of anime in America, re the ICV2 article and the concern over some English dub-production being shipped to Odex, I’m happy to see some good news. Yeah, I don’t do news, so I’m not posting to inform you about Air being licensed (you [...]

Figurine Slowdown?!

It wasn’t more than a couple of weeks ago that I lamented the lack of pvc I wanted to get. The last month and likely the next will see only a few figure updates, unless I decide to do shoots of figures I never bothered to shoot (there’s like six or seven, but these are [...]

Style Change

I’ve modified the stylesheet of the Tarski theme so that the background is dark gray with light colored text, hopefully it isn’t too hard to read. Anyway, pictures look better when set against a dark gray background, which is why I changed the colors. Only downside is gray isn’t usually a “happy” color. If the [...]