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HappySoda’s New Shirt

I remember why I don’t change themes that often, but sometimes you just need a new song. It’s a pain, especially when going to a theme that’s a bit more minimal in its design purpose than the previous one. I miss the big footer of the previous theme. I also miss the extensive refinement of [...]

Added Easy Gravatars

Temporarily switching from the Comvatar comment icon to Gravatar via the Easy Gravatar 1.1 plugin. One nice thing about Gravatar is you can keep your icon across any blog that is Gravatar enabled. The downside is few people have one registered (register one!). I’ll see how it goes for a couple of weeks before deciding [...]

WordPress and Theme Upgrade

I hate updating WordPress, so I don’t do it often. This weekend I updated from: WordPress 2.1.3 to 2.3.1 Theme: Tarski 1.3 to Tarski 2.0.4 Flickr Photo Gallery 0.91 to 0.93.2 Imported Ultimate Tag Warrior tags into the native WordPress tag system The only thing that doesn’t work right anymore is the Comvatar plug-in. I’m [...]

Whoops Darn Hosting Bills

I forgot to update my billing information with my host, so the site was down for a little bit. ^^; And while I’m here…I increased the post width and body by 20 pixels. I didn’t notice anything broken in Firefox, but can’t say that for any of the other browsers since I don’t have them [...]

Flickr Image Hosting Issue

As some of you know, I host my images via Flickr, which I’ve found to be a great convenience. Flickr has decided that I need to change my image safety level from “safe” (default setting) to “moderate,” which I don’t have a problem with. I’m sure some parents wouldn’t want their youngins to see some [...]

Anime Top 10 TV Series

Guess it’s time to update the good ole top 10 list and any other post would just take too long.   Filler!  Yes, indeed: Cowboy Bebop Princess Tutu Planetes Kamichu! Boogiepop Phantom SuperGALS Gunslinger Girl Fruits Basket Figure 17 Magic User’s Club FLCL That’s 11, I know.  If I did this tomorrow two or three [...]

Busted Computer

Figured I’d give one of those hey this is why I haven’t updated post.  My home PC is busted.  It can’t find the heat sink so it won’t start, so I opened up the case and sure enough there’s this loose chunk of computer broken off and sitting on the motherboard.  Plus that whole work [...]


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