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Nanjou Ran

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26 responses to “Nanjou Ran”

  1. Nanjou Ran

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  2. Belela-san

    Yes the quality seems a bit cheap but still its a nice looking figure in terms of beauty. Indeed making sets for figure shooting seems tiresome work but the reward most of the times is great, probably one of the bigger downfalls of doing outside shooting is that you can’t control the environment. Still haven’t tried shooting inside because of the lack of a tripod and the pictures 90% of the time come blurry.

  3. ron~

    love this set :) the white background set is not a photo anymore but more of an art! :D

    I’ve been lazy taking figurine photos as well.. busy and got way too many games that I need to finish haha

  4. bigearl

    I agree with ron~! These photos are amazing!

  5. Colette

    I agree about the backgrounds, but I think it works with this one. I know how you feel about Persona 4, by the way….by the time I finished I had sunk in 120 hours. The ending is incredible though ^__^

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  7. Blowfish

    You never cease to amaze me with your shoots.Awesome pictures!
    Building a set is a timeeater but definetly worth the effort

  8. phossil

    Amazing pictures. No doubt Kotobukiya figures are made with good quality.

  9. Shiddo

    One of good Kotos. This is one of best Sengoku figures Koto poped up. They managed to create nice faces for the series lately. Senhime and Kenshin were not so good.

    Photos are awesome as always ^^ I like the combination ^^

  10. Leonia

    Nice shooting ! I love the presentation of this figure ! Congratulations ! It’s amazing!

  11. lastSKYsamurai

    Wow, I love the background! “AMAZING!” You were right to add the red ribbons you know, it just adds. & of cause It’s a nice figure too, love her hair. : )

    I bet she just wants a friend…..

  12. Septian

    Nice, it’s really amazing….But please don’t strip her skirt again..okay :D

  13. Devastator001

    Is that the Kotobukiya Ver. of Nanjo Ran? If it is it looks better than the pic on most sites selling her

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  15. Roy

    That’s koto for yah ^^ The red trees with the white bg are amazing, a good combo and the lighting reflects her hair which looks pretty cool, I like the pose and outfit but the paint isn’t to appealing, great shots though :)

  16. T.I.P.

    Great photos. The set looks great, and compliments the figure pretty well on this one, though the red sticks(?) is a bit of a distraction in a couple of them.

    I love the pose/action of this figure, but I guess the quality is still Koto quality. ^^;

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