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Battle Athletes Victory Revisited

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4 responses to “Battle Athletes Victory Revisited”

  1. lastSKYsamurai

    Oh cool. If I ever do that, I watch Fooly Cooly. – It’s my “carry support” you could say.

    As far as I go, It’s FLCL as I said, & I’ve marathoned Eva a couple of times. Because it’s my first, Neogenesis I hold a flame to.

    However, the oldest looking show that I have is His/Hers. Something about that show always strikes me when I see it. It’s kinda hard to describe, but I love seeing it as much for the shows story & characters, as I do for the “classic” looking animation. I don’t think I could ever watch an updated version of that show, It would be quite distressing I think. – Sure, give it blu-ray & 5.1. But something like the new Eva treatment, -I’ll pass.

    A bit off track I guess. But His & Her’ I like going back to because of the emotional level involved when I watch it. A big part of that I regard to the animation.

    - BAV, has no Australian release as far as I can tell. But I have been wanting to see a good sports series, namely something in the lines of Baseball, which I know there are a few out there. However, I’ll take note of Battle Athletes Victory, I may well one-day go source it out somewhere If I ever get into outer region DVD viewing.

    - Nice article :)

  2. Persocom

    I’m actually watching Ai Yori Aoshi for the first time right now. I like older anime just as much if not more than newer ones often. I can never get tired of rewatching Chobits or Kanon 2006 (even though that’s not that old), and of course old classic Miyazaki films. I’m kind of trying to work my way back to shows I missed out on in the past, but at the same time I’m trying to follow a few newer ones. When I get tired of watching anime I try and watch movies and that usually does it for me.

  3. npal

    Woot, another one who likes Battle Athletes. I think I watch this stuff 3 times already, but yeah, my time became even more limited and more anime are available that I’ve been stalling so I haven’t rewatched this one for ages.

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