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Shana Figure

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38 responses to “Shana-chan Cafe Mode”

  1. James

    I’m jealous , wanted this one so much but couldn’t buy …

    Great pics like always , looks like it’s a good buy , but painting seems not that great ^^

    And love the new design :)

  2. Leonia

    As James, I think that the painting seems not great, but, she is nice, and yours pictures honnours her ! Congratulation for this !

  3. Belela-san

    I didn’t knew that COSPA made figures, normally they’re clothes/cosplay makers. The hair is a bit weird, there are “strains” of hair that are a bit to large and the face could use a bit of touch up, still its a moe figure, the dress and bar stool are very nice.

  4. hikky

    Haven’t seen this figure before. She looks kinda unusual somehow. The backround looks quite coffee-ish, really great pics.

  5. digitalboy

    God damn, that is one gorgeous figure! I think it actually looks better with the pants on, oddly.

  6. lastSKYsamurai

    Oh wow. This looks really goods. Surely this can’t be a lesser version of another figure around. Amazing pics, & highlights everywhere with the light. This is really good. But, where is she from? what show?

    1. Ziroc

      She’s Shana from Shakugan no Shana. And it is a great looking figure.

  7. omo

    Cospa makes all kinds of licensed merchandise crap. They’re a good way to waste all your money if you ever visit Japan…

  8. ron~

    nice review of her, but still can’t convinve me to buy her :) (maybe when she hit the bargain bin)

    Agree with James, last photo shows that the painting quality isn’t perfect..

  9. IcyStorm

    This actually makes me want to watch Shakugan no Shana II, just to see more Shana.

  10. bigearl

    I like this figure a lot. I think it has a lot to do with the pics, the stool, the stockings and I LOVE her shoes! I want a pair!

  11. Optic

    With 1 scaled shana, 1 nendo shana and 3 figma shanas, u could say, I already have my fair share of shanas in my collection despite not being a huge crazy fanboy of shana.
    Definitely one of the better shanas I’ve seen and for maid lovers, she does tickle their fancy.

  12. Zeroblade

    I kinda like this subdued version of her than a lot of the wilder figures. The face just feels right, and the shoes are great. Backless is a bit off for her though. And indeed the stool is cool.

  13. radiant

    DO WANT! I like how subdued she is compared to most Shana figures. She’s very elegant. I’m finding myself becoming more attracted to figures with props, such as vespas and chairs. It adds more interest than the standard fighting pose with a weapon.

    Your lighting is always amazing. I love your photos.

  14. Adun

    I’m very reluctant to purchase COSPA figures now, given the quality of some of the ones I have. Though you photos can be quite deceiving but if this was in my collection, I’m pretty sure I could see plenty of faults.

  15. Vixion

    nice as usual!!! i like the atmosphere, perfect

    give me 1 hot chocolate lol

  16. Persocom

    That’s a lovely looking Shana, really like the fact that she’s cast off and comes with a stool. Quality looks good enough for me, I wouldn’t mind getting her.

  17. Gargron

    Looks like one more anime goes onto my watchlist – just to see Shana. Beautiful figure and great photos.

  18. Tier

    Hey, she can’t work while sitting down! Somebody tell the little slacker to get back to work!

    Beautiful pictures, I especially like how the floor and the background are lit.

  19. phossil

    I didnt know of this Shana figure and its really lovely.
    Nice colors and tones. I like the pose of the figure as well.

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  21. Blowfish

    Im no Shana fan but her headphones and the awesome base totally make up for it!Max Factories Shana may be better from the quality view but this is the definite Shana for me regarding the pose

  22. Rakuen

    The reddish-brown background was awesome. You didn’t actually had to put in anything else except for the chair, lazy, but fantastic.

    It amazes me seeing guys like you who are dedicated in handling these stuff. Kudos for the showmanship.

  23. dark

    :) its so
    very nice …. !

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