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Dark Canti

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22 responses to “Dark Canti”

  1. bigearl

    Well this will take a bit getting used to. I can’t say whether I like it or not yet… I’m leaning toward like.

  2. Shiddo

    hm i prefer the “original” one then this one ^^

    this one is clean and easy but maybe to easy.. specialy categories could be sorted better. also it seems this theme has a little troubles with 2 row titles… maybe can be edited easy.

    well overall theme is interesting but 2 dark and plain imho. but just personal opinion.

    gl with it or some other ^^

  3. digitalboy

    The site design is fucking awesome with an equally fucking awesome name, though you made me think for a second there was a new Dark Canti figure coming out >_<

    The site does look a little more like a black metal band’s site than an anime blog, but I can most definitely dig it. It stands out fromt eh black website crowd with excellent design.

  4. lastSKYsamurai

    Nice SuperRats. I had a felling something was up when the site went down. Strange though the layout maybe, I like it right off the bat. – I think you might be a genius you know. It’s better then you previous revamped layout for sure. But hey, it’s your site, you can bloody-well do whatever the frig you want. Now Post some articles! your fans are waiting!

    - I’ve had the same FLCL wallpaper before on my desktop, & you know what, you just gave me the best idea for a new stencil to do around town. If it doesn’t rain tonight I’ll take some photos of my work & show you.


  5. phossil

    “Kind of wanted to do something a little different.”
    Well, its different alright. I kind of like it, because its a clean theme very minimalist..

  6. Colette

    Wow, it’s gorgeous. Thank you so much <3

  7. Tier

    I think the revamp looks pretty good. A couple other blogs I followed recently went to image-heavy layouts and I found myself visiting them less as a result, but it works well here, as it’s easy to tell which posts are figure reviews.

    I know you are going for a minimalistic layout but I think that having a date stamp is helpful, if only so that new visitors can quickly ascertain how frequently you update.

  8. Rin

    I love the new theme!!!
    It’s really nice!!!
    Dark but yet stands out!!!

  9. Persocom

    Very nice dark theme, easy on the eyes at 3 AM ^^

  10. Kabitzin

    I love it.

  11. lastSKYsamurai

    Hey sr, couldn’t find a direct contact email for you so i’ll just post it here. – As promised here’s that stencil I said I was going to do from the picture above.


    read the description in the set. ; )

    - I hope this does auto link.

    1. Shiddo

      wow O_O impressive work!

  12. Zeroblade

    I’m loving the lines on the side, to be honest. It all sort of feels minimal, yet not really.

  13. Gargron

    You’re amazing as always. Great theme, especially how the photos in figure articles look now…

    I’m using a framework as well, Thematic Theme Framework to be exact. It was strange in the beginning, but then it made even more fun, since I only needed to change few functions and then only play with the CSS.

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