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  2. SbebiWan

    I like how you set the scene a lot, you have great ideas and you do them right.

  3. tj han

    OMG one or two of the pictures are godly. The one above the words “For some reason” especially.

    And I found Eureka seveN characters not translating well to figurines. The mecha however, are awesome.

  4. SbebiWan

    Anemone is the best done over the 3 made by Mega House (I have the 3)

    I’m waiting for the Griffon version of Tahlo http://www.hlj.com/product/GRFEU-02S she seams to be really nice, better thant the Mega House or Banpresto ones.

  5. tj han

    I found two copies of her at a store just now. But didn’t buy obviously. Looks like nobody likes poor Anemone.

  6. Tess

    I want this figure! Anemone is love. And you wont loathe her at any point, her character only gets better.

    I also really like what you did here, you inspired me to draw someone surrounded by white flowery things like that. It’s beautiful, and does fit her very well.

  7. gariel

    wow… your kinda sick

  8. karina

    how much is she

  9. kira

    you know i watched meny anime shows and i’ve never in my life i’ve seen a character like anemone i just love anemone’s personality she’s just hotter than any other anime character i’ve eve seen

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