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Saki Anime

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10 responses to “Mahjong No Go”

  1. Persocom

    I lol’d a little when I read about the munching on tacos part XD I’m interested in where this show is going too. I find the mahjong parts somewhat interesting but I can’t keep up with what’s going on that well since I’ve never played mahjong outside of stacking tiles in a game that comes with computers by default. I think this could go a couple different ways if they dropped the tutorials, but I have my doubts about whether or not they’ll be doing that. We’re likely to get exposed to new rules during the tournament. I am enjoying the anime thus far, but I’m not sure how long it’ll keep me interested.

  2. Colette

    Have you ever watched Hikaru no Go? I wonder if you might like that one. Although it doesn’t feature anything as awesome as taco munchage :D

  3. phossil

    I would watch it mostly because of the cute girlies in sailor fuku than for the mahjong, but who knows.. :P

  4. Saki 4 | hontou ni sou omou?

    [...] be able to enjoy this series much more than tjhan if the episodes unfold as per super rats’ suggestion: Will they make the mistake of trying to teach us Mahjong and getting overly involved with the [...]

  5. Nork22

    I tell my friends about Mahjong that it is a form of Gim Rummy. Aside from that, it takes a person who has some knowledge or have played a couple of games to understand the nuances of what they are doing. If anything some of the cards/tiles they pull borderlines on the impossible. I’ve been told that playing mahjong involves 70% skill and 30% luck, and by all accounts Saki is both skilled and has incredible luck.

    I don’t know if you would want to but check out Akagi, as it’s a grittier way of seeing how Mahjong is played.

  6. electric_goldfish

    I rather like the Mahjong bits. If you want a quick & dirty overview of Riichi Mahjong, check this out. http://mahjong-europe.org/filer/riichisheet.pdf
    It’s very helpful.

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