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Dis Content

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33 responses to “Dis Content”

  1. Kabitzin

    Man, F*** IE6!!!

    The greyscale of the main page really makes the images POP! Everything looks good in FF3.

  2. Adun

    Oh how I hate having to fix CSS just for IE6. One of the most annoying part being a web developer. Nice looking theme. I still want to get around to changing mine.

    1. Kabitzin

      I don’t bother either, just like I have left all the 800×600 people by the wayside. 1024 peeps still get my love, since my own netbook only has 1024 res.

  3. digitalboy

    It looks nice, but the rustic Haibane style really spoke to me….. oh well.

  4. Claus Valca

    Looks very nice!

    Out of curiosity, do you have your system loaded with multiple popular web-browsers to check how it renders in them all?

    I did a blog redesign and it worked great in all browsers but IE. For some reason, IE blows out my three-column layout if a line in the first column is too long.

    Every other browser handles it nicely.

    Great work!

  5. Gargron

    Very well typography. I’ll miss your old theme though, it was so… nah, well, you know how I liked it.

    No, really, it looks very good. And about IE6 problems, try fixing it with some JavaScript, like this one: http://code.google.com/p/ie7-js/.

  6. Panther

    To hell with IE. Like Kabitzin observed, the grey boxes seem to pop out. Nice change of theme.

  7. nagishrine

    Would’ve been better if it had at least little designs.Though,honestly,I still love your past theme.It gives your blog a lot more life into it.Now,newcomers would be like “bah,just another anime blog” on this coz its too plain.Honestly speaking that is.No offense BTW.

    1. Gargron

      I must disagree. Very small minority of anime blogs have such clean and professional themes. Typography stands out. It’s in no way like “just another aniblog”. But a coloured mascot girl somewhere on the page would improve the overall impression and the color balance. It’s my opinion.

  8. James

    It does looks a little plain or “normal” but i still like it , looks really clear and white makes it easy to read .

    And it works great in Chrome ^^

    But yeah , i will miss your old theme , was awesome :)

  9. Zeroblade

    I’ve always been a fan of minimal, white-grey themes (though it’s not quite evident on my own blog) so I can’t help but love this.
    You kind of get bored of Arial after some time though >_>

  10. Keonyn

    Looks good, I like it, and I’m not usually a minimalist kinda fan. Change and variety is always good.

  11. Blowfish

    Woah this is quite a change to the old theme!
    I agree with nagishrine that the simplicity of the whole theme makes it look more like “just another animeblog”.Theres nothing defining that sticks to you mind about the design.
    I never had any loading speed problem s with any of your themes

  12. Rin

    This is quite the change!!!
    When viewing your old theme, I never had any problem with it…but I use Firefox instead of IE.
    I do like this theme though. Clean and neat!!!!!
    Real nice!!!

  13. Danny Choo

    I like it!

  14. Roy

    a Clean cut,great contrast between the “pretty anime things” and the background :) The old one however was kinda unique but this one is more in the crowd,oh well no segregation ^^

    Spring is a time of birth ;D

  15. Titan_X

    I agree, it really does look a lot like the Eureka Seven eyecatches. I liked how detailed the last theme was, but this one looks nice and clean. Good job! :)

    Also, no need to apologize to the folks still using IE6. They need to update anyway. :P

  16. Optic

    Lovely new theme. I like the main control center. Very neat and well structured.

    I was in the process in changing my current theme but it turned out very clustered in all browsers so I stuck with it for another period of time and made a few updates with it.

  17. phossil

    I like minimal themes. When I look a Zen theme and is hardly minimal, I kind of dont like it. And I agree with you. The fonts resembles the Ray-Out font type. ^^

  18. Equinox

    At first sight, the new theme didn’t look too nice on my work resolution of 1024, however, I had to remote desktop to my home computer to see the new theme in a “proper” fashion at 1920. Looks good! It’s simple and flows well.

  19. bigearl

    Why did you change it back :( ?

  20. Keonyn

    Well I use your RSS feed, so that’s how I find your new content. I do like the Rakka theme better though, it’s just more aesthetically pleasing. Of course, Rakka is my favorite character from one of my favorite anime, and is one of three anime figures I’ve actually bought (I don’t buy figures much).

  21. Animenerdz

    wow, nice blog

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