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Figure on Cheap Lighting

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    [...] Saw comrade Anony recently got himself a Canon DSLR too, he opted for the 40D though. Next step for me, besides learning and reading up on how to use it well, is assembling the right components for correct lighting to do some figure shooting like explained by Super Rats in his lighting tutorial at HappySoda. [...]

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  10. Elias Cortes



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    [...] my lighting setup, I mimicked what has been done in Happy Soda’s figure lighting tutorial — it’s a pretty great tutorial for figure photography. ^^ I’ve also read about [...]

  12. Koharu

    Wow this is really helpful! Thanks so much… Will definitely give this a go next time ^^

  13. ai-chan

    Very nice article, will definitely try this ^_^

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    [...] using my Dual Lens Kodack V705. The setup you see here was all done according to this excellent and useful tutorial. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)A Good Time Is Serious Business at Ravage’s [...]

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    [...] 这里面第2种方法的图来自Happysoda,之前还有一个介绍摄影基本的器材的Blog可以参考这里。PVC玩具的摄影Blog在日本非常的多,非常的专业,希望我们国内的玩家也能逐步的成熟起来。后续我会逐步的翻译和分享一些摄影的心得、经验。如果大家有什么好的想法也希望多多留言,你们的留言让我会不那么懒。;-) [...]

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    [...] harsh glare, but it also tends to eliminate most of the shadow from the scene. After reading Figure on Cheap Lighting over at HappySoda I decided to set aside the light tent for a while and try a DIY setup similar to [...]

  17. Kai-San

    Oh man I wished I seen this earlier, I’ll give your method a shot in my next photo shoot, to conpensate for a DIY controlled lighting area I borrowed the idea of making a inexpensive photobox which I find really effective. Tut can be seen here:


    You can see my results of borrowing the idea on my blog here:


    Perhaps you can get some ideas from that DIY lightbox tut



  18. Joe

    Great job, love the photo tent lighting you’ve set up.

    I also created a tutorial for lighting:

    Let me know what you think!

  19. Cheap Lighting Setup

    [...] idea behind this setup was inspired by the Figure on Cheap Lighting tutorial written by super rats and reading from my old photography text.  My text is actually several [...]

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  21. Cuthbert

    Hey There. I found your web site using msn. This can be a quite neatly written post. I’ll probably be sure to take a note of it and return to read more within your useful info. Thanks for the post. I’ll probably definitely come back.

  22. Sab

    This tutorial is awesome, thanks for posting it! Really helpful to see the differences with and without diffusion and the extra reflector, as well as your DIY material choices :)

  23. Mutsumi

    Dude thanks! Now all i need is a colored paper, desk lamp, and make a diffuser!

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    [...] schwammig.Aber man soll aus der Not ja eine Tugend machen und deshalb habe ich mich ein wenig mit Superrats Beleuchtungstutorial zu [...]

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