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Lucky Star, Moe for What?

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8 responses to “Lucky Star, Moe for What?”

  1. digitalboy

    I’m very glad that you found something genuine to love about this show. It never needed to be as popular as it was and accumulate such hate when it is truly an awesome show for the audience who should see it. Always love to see support.

  2. ziroc

    I love shows like this and Azumanga Daioh. I haven’t watched the English dub yet though. Waiting until I buy volume 6, so I can watch them all at once.

  3. Ayu

    One thing I loved about LS is how accurate the girl talk was. Some say their little random conversations were boring but that’s how Asian girls chat with each other ^^ When I watched the show I never felt bored since their convos were a lot like the ones between my friends and I.

  4. phossil

    I love LS mostly cause Konata was soo hilarious. She and Kagami did a funny couple.

  5. Otaku Dan

    a lot of people dislike Lucky Star because it is popular and/or too real. I personally like this anime and I’m glad to say that I own the complete series on DVD

  6. animemiz

    I have no idea why Lucky Star became that famous, other than my friends got into it, because they are what I think saw themselves thru Konata.

    The opening song was one of my top songs for that summer, and that it is a very fast song to sing, during Karoke.

    Mostly when I watched this series, I really liked the comedy after show of Minoru and Akira-sama. That was just hysterical. I always smile whenever I think of Akira’s Cape of 30 Years and I just want to lol!

  7. Paul; ffx2boy

    Were there really that many people that hated or disliked Lucky Star? It was a really good Anime.

    Lucky Star focused on Lolicon/Lolita based characters as well as Moe, like you said.
    It was well-played out and filled in all the Vital-character spots.
    Other then that, it also brought in the world-renowned Otaku: Konata.
    Most Animes, however, do not base their main character or any characters on the Otaku-mindset, but Lucky Star did, which made it quite the popular one.

    You’re right, Lucky Star IS Moe, but it is also Lolita.

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