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Yuki Nagato Kneeling

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21 responses to “Yuki Nagato Kneeling”

  1. James

    I forgot about this one , very simple figure but her expression is indeed good .

    Surely the most realistic Yuki figure available for now :)

    Great pics too , as always :) (last one is really nice , this Yuki is really perfect for portraits pictures)

  2. Roy

    mmm on her knees you say? haha wow that gaze is simply amazing,maybe tie a rope around you with someone holding the other end so you won’t get lost in them eyes ^^ ,
    really love her expression, great short review,simple and to the point :D

  3. Optic

    A very expressional Yuki indeed. It’s the details of the eyes which give her this factor.

    As I already have 4 Yuki (1 scale, 2 figmas and 1 nendo petit) I think I achieved enough Yuki to consider myself a Yuki fan even though I’m not. xD

  4. ron~

    nice review of this yuki, a lil bit better than Max Factory version (better expression :D )

  5. Twu

    This is a really nice figure, absolutely love her expression. Thanks for the nice review, will add this to my buy list :)

  6. valho

    Alter Yuki looks suprisingly good, their Haruhi as well, but since I already have the Max Factory version I didn’t get this. Don’t want to be collecting too many figures from the same series, except Saber ^^

  7. Leonia

    Great picture ! Your shooting honnour Yuki ! I prefer this expression (better than others)

  8. Seiken | VManOfMana

    Awesome photography, as usual. What is the material used for the floor/background?

    Alter did an excellent job with the details of the face. It gives a lot of life to the figure, which otherwise would probably look rather bland. The same thing happened with Alter’s Yuki swimsuit version figure. Both figures are a good example of how the paint job/finish of a figure can make or break a figure.

    Is it me or generally speaking, Alter’s finish is a notch ahead of Max Factory’s? I am eagerly waiting for the Haruhi Gekisou figures, and Haruhi looks amazing, but looking at Mikatan’s blog I get the feeling that the paint job could be use a bit more shading. This is not the first time I think that when comparing Alter and Max figures.


  9. Adun

    There must be something about Yuki for this to be your 4th Yuki figure in your collection.

  10. Belela-san

    Very nice Nagato, everything seems great, the colors are the pose is amazing but the face kills all the rest ^_^, the expression is breathtaking, simply lovevly *thumbs up*

  11. Yuki Nagato se arrodilla « ImperioMoe

    [...] Más fotografías de Yuki por Happy Soda [...]

  12. SanguineRose

    Thanks for the review. This figure is really lovely, from her pose to the paint but the face is the one that makes this one superior to her other figures. This will be my first figure of Yuki and I really can’t wait to have her.

  13. Persocom

    Although quite simple this Yuki really looks great, I thought about getting her but I just have too many things on my wish list right now.

  14. Rin

    I want it!!!!!!
    I should go out and buy it soon…
    It’s a really nice figure!!!!!
    Maybe I might have enough in my current budget to buy it…
    As always…amazing photos!!!!!!!

  15. Vixion

    nice one!! can’t wait for mine :D

    4th yuki??? i wonder: Alter Swimsuit, Max Fac Witch, and this??? what is the forth?

    lol, and i’m still wondering what did you use for the background :D

  16. Aka

    I considered purchasing this yuki or the one that’s reading the book (same pose?) but they just don’t do it for me. Most of them aren’t as appealing as I’d like, or give off too much of a Ayanami Rei vibe, the blank stare etc…

    I also considered the swimsuit version by Alter, but again eventually chose not to.

    The Yuki figures I want aren’t produced so far as I know. Such as the SOS Galactic Patrol Yuki by Bubba or the Witch costume and guitar one also by Bubba. If I had to choose one it would definitely be the latter.



    That last picture is absolutely adorable. You’re right about the eyes, and they look even better up close~!

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