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Kare Kano Revisited

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10 responses to “Kare Kano Revisited”

  1. digitalboy

    ordinarily I am the one guy who doesn’t mind a lack of ending, but KK just fell apart for me entirely in the early 20 eps and I wouldn’t have minded the lack of ending were the last ep not so incredibly horrible. Otherwise I agree with everything you said.

  2. kadian1364

    The difference between Kare Kano and a lot of other similarly framed romantic comedies in anime is that Kare Kano just starts where the others, often struggling through entire seasons to reach, end: the confession and acceptance of feelings. By episode 4(?), Yukino and Arima are an established couple, and the series can spend time exploring other ideas and personalities. Kare Kano becomes so much more than a romance; it’s an honest portrayal of life during those precious high school years.

    The study and growth of Tsubaki is a great example of the series fleshing out and humanizing one of its supporting cast. The story of Yukino’s parents is another case of affording the audience a deeper understanding of previously only mildly interesting side characters. These details to the surroundings of the main couple breathes life into what is usually a stale and predictable genre and makes the story feel real.

    “Everyone laughed, cried, and wistfully smiled when they were supposed to,” is from a review I remember reading about Kare Kano many, many years ago, and I have no doubt in my mind that it still holds true. Even with its obvious flaws in animation budget and failure in delivering any proper ending, for going beyond the usual and often trite question, “him and she liek each other but how will they gets togetherz???”, and the singularly unique style of execution by Gainax studio puts Kare Kano, in my mind, leagues above anything else in its genre, and a place among my most revered and favorite anime series of all time.

  3. Otaku Dan

    I like this anime and it so pretty good but I hate how it ended in the middle of the school festival, which kind of forced fans of the anime to buy the manga to find the ending.

  4. Zyl

    Ah, good times. I remember the lack of a definitive ending (also the sudden shift of focus to another couple) was disorientating but I thought it was a good way to signal "Well, that’s life. Deal with it." A good compromise IMHO since the manga was still ongoing at the time and IIRC went off in quite a dark direction re: Arima.

  5. Colette

    I absolutely love this series and reading this made me want to rewatch it so much! Thanks for reminding me of this old favorite :)

  6. THAT Animeblog - Problematic Love

    [...] administrative functionality as a suppressor of love, love being the general premise of the show. Others have noted that Kare Kano stands out because it subverts the cliché that all overachieving class [...]

  7. Gargron

    Unfortunately I can’t comment on this anime, because I didn’t watch it… But I can note that the style changed since then very much. Not only the technical side, the character design. And to be honest I’m glad it changed. ^_^

  8. Reactwhat

    Damnit, even reading your writeup evokes strong emotions about those scenes. It really is an impressive story and after a year or so of watching the series I just had to follow up the manga and I was definately not disappointed. For any lover of these characters it should really be something you consider doing, I mean, im as lazy as can be and I’m compelled to write to the mangaka to say just how much I love it – I just haven’t done it yet haha.

    I think im due for another rewatch then reread.

  9. Reactwhat

    Heh understandable. I’m yet to watch the final episode of azumanga simply because I never want it to end… I enjoyed the ride so much that reaching a point when I know ill never have that fresh feeling viewing the episodes is such a weird empty feeling.

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