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Kousaka Tamaki Mosaic

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22 responses to “Kousaka Tamaki Mosaic”

  1. James

    Sorry to make you buy a not too satisfaying figure :(

    Yuki from Griffon is still for me the best figure available on the market (at least quality wise) but i guess it was just a genious one timer from them … Glad to read it won’t stop you to give their figures another go :)

    But from what i see on your (awesome , you need to give me some photography lessons ^^) pics , she doesn’t looks bad at all , better than Kotobukiya’s figures (personal opinion) for me :) .

    Griffon bases are always the same , nice but boring and generic :/

    Anyway i love this one a lot and i’m going to buy her for sure someday ^^

    The first and last pics are maybe my favorites from all the pics you did , love them .

  2. Yuina

    Waaa Cinamorrol is so cute, I want one!! >o<
    Is the pink armchair you used in this photoshoot for dolls? it creates a lovely atmosphere <3

  3. Blowfish

    *wink wink*
    Theres the Tutorial Category highlighted…

    Shes in the big field of mediocre figures.Nothing to write about but not really bad either.My brother has a Griffon figure aswell and their bases are annoying in my opinion.Take away way too much space in the cabinet.
    I like they way she is undressing…Advertising her assets

  4. Meimi132

    Cinamonroll!!! I have a darling Cinamonroll plushie, which I’ve managed to keep perfect white, only by not removing it from the bag for long amounts of time at once. It’s so soft.(Is it a girl or a boy??) lol

  5. Dancing Queen

    I love that chair, i love how you can reuse it yet it looks great for so many different figures, i try and not re-use things cause it ends up seeming too similar to the previous shoot but the chair looks so perfect and different each time you use it.

    i only have two griffon figures and really the quality is sub par and unless it’s something that i can obviously see is going to be astounding i don’t bother with them much.

  6. ron~

    1st photo is win! very very nice photo there :)

    I havent got any griffon figurine, but may try to get one. seems like their quality is decent

  7. ELTboy

    This Tamaki figure is actually quite nice and I think the sculpt is pretty good. Your photos setup and the story that runs with it is very nice.

    Personally, I wouldn’t buy a Griffon figure if it requires the base to stand because I dislike their bases. I have one Griffon figure in a kneeling Ryomou Shimei in china dress. Needless to say, I didn’t even bother to take out the base from the box. ^^”

  8. SnooSnoo

    Is it wrong for me to like the Cinamorrol plushie more? @_@

  9. Wolfheinrich

    I ditch most of bases if the figure can stablize without one lol, I been collecting figures for roughly 7 years. In the first few years or so I managed to keep all the boxes, but lately it’s just near impossible. I keep all the bases in a separate boxes in case I ever need to display them on it. The pose is fairly charming but the face just lack the finishing touch imo.

  10. YuKi-To

    Great pics, love the various angles ^^

  11. Colette

    The use of the chair is just brilliant. Simply gorgeous!

  12. Adun

    Tamaki is such a great character but alas there are so many different figures of Tamaki it’s so hard to choose one. This is probably one of my more desirable figures despite some of the flaws that you mentioned. Also great use of the chair.

  13. Gargron

    Oh man, she’s so cute. Never seen a figurine inbetween two conditions, dressed and undressed, it is quite an original and very good idea indeed.

  14. ziroc

    Very nice Tamaki figure.

  15. Optic

    One of the better Tamaki PVC’s I’ve seen. Well, it’s easy to lose track considering there are so many out there.
    Love the prop and the shoot. As usual, I digg two piece than school swimsuits. :)

  16. phossil

    A must have 1/7 figure.. ^^

  17. olivia

    pretty hair – though the red is a little… too much

  18. Rin

    I love this shoot!!!!!!
    Really amazing!!!!!!
    It has that room kind of feel too!!!!!
    *Sigh*…wish I can do that…

  19. Leonia

    I don’t love Kousaka Tamaki. I find that few figurines of her can claim to be really beautiful. Nevertheless, with this series of picture, I would almost change opinion
    Your photos are very beautiful, they lhave an “aura”, and I find them very warm. Quite in simplicity and in beauty!

    (bad english >_<)

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