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Welcome to the NHK, Finished

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8 responses to “Welcome to the NHK, Finished”

  1. Blowfish

    Welcome to the NHK is one of my favorite series ive seen so far.It can be really silly/stupid at time but overall its a great story about Life outside the fairy tail universe we usually get served.I think that everyone of us finds himself in one of the characters shoes atleast a little bit.
    I jumped at the Manga after finsihing the series and i enjoyed it a tad more.More ecchi is always good and the problems of the Characters are more deep rooted and serious than the Anime.The Ending of the Manga was pretty bad tough

    I havent found the time to order the Novel yet but hope to do so soon

  2. lastSKYsamurai

    While I haven’t seen the Anime or read the novel, I noticed it’s also got a Manga; which is good because I’d like to read another Manga series. The only other ones I’ve read were TGWLTT & Eureka Seven. I might have to watch a bit on YouTube first though. – Christmass all year-round baby!

    Super rats, left a message on your Yoko Mousepad post also, thanks…. : )

  3. Lehq

    This isn’t anything memorable to me, and wont be on my top list, but heck, it sure is unique.

  4. Otaku Dan

    the anime was good but the manga is better

  5. sikumiks

    I’ve read both the manga and the novel. Both are disturbing, but the novel had victoriously threw my high spirits out of the window straight away.

    As for watching anime, I’d prefer to stay with the original language and english sub. I just don’t want to lose those precious expressions.

  6. Paul; ffx2boy

    Ah, yes, not too long ago I was in Borders reading up on the Light Novel of “Welcome to the NHK” which I’ve seen many advertisements for the Anime, but never bothered to watch it.
    so instead, I took a liking to the Novel and hope to watch the Anime soon once I get some more time on my hands.

    Your introduction was nice, I liked it.
    I hope to see more interesting reviews soon.

  7. Tanada, Kyoshiro

    I had just finished the anime Welcome to the NHK~ IT definitely is a masterpiece for a story depicting life for as I watch it, I found myself as like one of the characters~ I hate that it ended easily and it made me want for more~ But things had been wrapped up cleanly on the last episode. I definitely will post it on my top anime list proudly ^__^

    I feel like crying a bit~ and honestly, I want more of it

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