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Figure: Shana

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11 responses to “Figure: Shana”

  1. LianYL

    For some reason, your Shana looks cuter than mine.

  2. LianYL

    What camera do you use?

  3. LianYL

    funny my DLSR shots suck compared to yours. Need practice.

  4. SbebiWan

    Great setup you did :D I would have never thought about using Barbie things !

  5. Moe Moe Rabu » Figure Gallery: Fujibayashi Kyou - Clannad

    [...] Though I must admit, this idea originally came from super rats from HappySoda. The post can be found here. So if credit should goto anyone, it should be him. Though for me, finding furniture similar to what he had was not easy. I started looking for doll house furniture, but to my dismay, they don’t scale well with the figure. Thus I searched for Barbie furniture and low and behold, I found the exact same set. [...]

  6. HappySoda » Is Toy Works Shakugan no Shana Figure Really Her?

    [...] To me the Noizi Ito illustrations of Shana in GU-RE-N define what Shana looks like (rather than the animation), a look and feel that the Melon-Pan Shana released by Kotobukiya doesn’t quite capture. It was actually a nice a figure, but it didn’t satisfy me as a fan of Noizi Ito. Toy Works recently released a 1:8 scale pre-painted PVC Shakugan no Shana (in red and black hair variants) that takes a pose straight out of an Ito illustration. Clearly the intent was to capture the essence of Shana from the illustrations, a definite step in the right direction. So, does this figure get it right? [...]

  7. bsodmike.com » Shakugan no Shana…

    [...] Source: HappySoda [...]

  8. ANgel

    i love this figure would look good in my room!

  9. Rakuen

    That’s the reason why Shana is in my top loli list.

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