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Gwendolyn, Odin Sphere’s Valkyrie

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34 responses to “Gwendolyn, Odin Sphere’s Valkyrie”

  1. James

    Glad you got your !

    I thought she was jumping or taking off but you must be right , she is landing :)

    Thanks for the link , you’re right , it’s nice to see the differences between the three shoots .

    And i agree about the base , if only it was always nice looking bases like this (and not the awful round ones …)

    Awesome pics like usual :) (pantsu shot is always nice to have ^^)

  2. Dancing Queen

    she looks so amazing, i’ve got her pre-ordered but as usual through kid nemo so i won’t be seeing her until feb/march. I also for once am glad that alter decided to do something with ehr base other than just a plane boring base like they normally do.

  3. ron~

    I’m waiting for mine to arrive, should be anytime soon :D

    very nice photos as well, the white bg matches her well :)

  4. Panther

    I have yet to get her, missed her preorder back then because she was someone I did not really know. Now I have to get her at a slightly higher price and I am not even sure when she is coming in locally. Nice pictures as usual. :)

  5. howieh


  6. Blowfish

    Shes definately landing if you consider the angle of her wings.
    She loses against E2046s Gathering Gwendolyn but thats only natural when a mass maunfactured product hast to stand against a assembled handpainted one.
    Shes a looker and you can draw the attention away from all your ecchi figures with her.
    Makes you look less like a pervert ^___^

  7. Rin

    I like the game and all…but the figure I plan not to get due to the like-ness of the face of Gwendolyn is right…..
    Still…amazing shoot like always!!!!!!!

  8. valho

    I have always thought she was landing. Had a chance to hold the box and look at her upclose when my friends recent shipment arrive. Might get her when I have the budget and my friend haven’t sold her

  9. Chappy

    Yet another nice review of Gwendolyn. I didn’t pre-order this back then as i have other pre-orders then. Now, i really regret after looking at the review at foobarboz.

    I love her details and colours. Also the base is very nicely done. =D Gonna get her when i have money.

  10. Dunan

    I couldn’t pass up the chance to get Alter’s Gwendolyn, it’s really nice and the base was a nice surprise being so different. I was thinking about E2046s version, it did look outright amazing in the right light but I didn’t like the form of her wings too much in that version compared to Alter’s.

  11. Hirvine

    @Blowfish I think she’s rising to the skies instead of landing, because the wings are slanted forward down. Eg. look at a bird and a plane. If they land, they wings are slanted forward up. … Not that I feel to heat up the discussing, but I couldn’t ignore it. omg the wings are beautiful!
    @Dancing Queen you just made me notice the flat bases of Alter. o.0 Was I sleeping? So I don’t think it’s to be considered when you pick a figure. But it indeed is pretty to have a decorated base.

  12. ELTboy

    That’s a very good photoshoot of the figure you have there. The photos are very soothing. She is really a fantastic figure. Sadly, I don’t have the budget for her now. :(

  13. Optic

    Don’t know the game which means I don’t know her so I passed. As usual, I’m always fascinated by the quality of detail of wings and she is no exception. ^^
    The detail is just superb.

  14. Zeroblade

    Great shoot! I never seem to be able to get pearly white backdrops without post-processing.
    Oh, and I didn’t even think of getting Gwendolyn. The price was just faaaaar too high.

  15. rangerroh

    Wow! Love the detail on figure. Also played the games and loved it. hmmm I wasn’t much of the figure collector but this figure is starting chance that.

  16. Leefe

    This is the second figure that I’ve seriously regretted not picking up… the first being Queen’s Gate Alice orz

  17. Kamugin

    “Mediocre hair”!?! This commentary was truly detestable! Since I saw Fobarbaz photo review, the first one of Alter’s Gwendolyn, I think this is the PVC figure that is more close to the original prototype than any other up to now. More depreciative if we consider Alter’s quality standards! In fact I just love winged girls, valkyries and loved the game too, but nevertheless my preferences, I can fairly judge a figure and this one is the best Gwendolyn figure released or announced until now, even better than E2046′s Gwendolyn. Gotta see by myself when I get mine.

  18. jusuchin85

    Another beautiful release from Alter. They keep on releasing good looking figures, aren’t they? But what put me slightly off is the hair a little. I know some might disagree but that’s what put me off a bit…

    Nice photoshoot! I plan to get my set soon, so I can reset my photoshoot again. ^^

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention earlier: I’ll be linking you to my blog! ><

  19. Berurin

    She is so gorgeous, I want to have her, too :)

  20. Belela-san

    Now that you mention it I had never noticed the hair, sure it has a lot of detail but the paint looks a bit awkward but the wings are amazing

  21. Soshi

    Lovely review! I’m still awaiting my Gwendolyn in the mail, and I really hope that none of the postofficers stole it. D:

    But in anycase, you’re right. All three reviews used white backgrounds but there’s something subtly different about all of them.

    The details on the wings are mindblowing!

  22. gau

    finally got one, she’s lovely and i dont plan to open the box yet

  23. LianYL

    I agree fully with your “nice-butt” tag.

  24. G.K. Sil Kamina

    I tend to only get one figure of each character and already own e2046′s monster 1/5 Gwendolyn, so I had to pass on this beauty. I honestly think Alter’s Gwen looks better than e2046′s. There’s more detail in the wings and the face matches George Kamitani’s art.

    Though the major reason I passed on Alter’s Gwendolyn is because of the price compared to her scale. 7000+ yen for a 1/8? Ouch.

  25. Odin Sphere’s Velvet figure « Mognet Central

    [...] Odin Sphere’s Velvet figure May 26, 2009 at 9:53 am | In vanillaware, videogames | No Comments Yamato will be releasing a figure of Velvet from Odin Sphere (PS2), you can see some pics of the prototype over here. It could be better I guess, but that’s probably because we are spoiled by Alter’s Gwendolyn. [...]

  26. radiant

    Hey, you gonna pick up Yamato’s Velvet? The fact that it’s by Yamato is really discouraging. :\

  27. warazashi

    Just stopping by on a long dormant thread. Just wanted to mention that I used this photoshoot of Gwendolyn as the primer picture for this week’s #figurefriday post for Hair Ornaments: http://goo.gl/T7V8U

    Hopefully you wont mind, but let me know otherwise. Thanks!

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