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Welcome To The NHK, Part One

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14 responses to “Welcome To The NHK, Part One”

  1. Kairu Ishimaru

    I really like the OP too :D Very catchy.

  2. jusuchin85

    Glad that you’re liking NHK.

    I remember having doubts when I first started this series, but after catching up with the remaining episodes, it grew on me. Love the show; now I understood why it was voted second best anime behind Haruhi in 2006!

  3. Persocom

    Awesome, I’m off to go watch the dubbed episodes. This is one of my favorite anime series out there, I might just have to buy this.

  4. sonso1

    I know how you feel about regretting on not having the second half of the anime to watch. I bought the first half, watched it in one night, and immediately the next day went and got the second half.

    I liked it a lot, and there were very emotional parts of it. I think I’m a fan of Misaki.

  5. Blowfish

    I really had to watch this series in one go aswell.Its really one of my favorites.You might want to check out the recently finished Manga by Tokyopop afterwards with its 7 Volumes.The story parts halfway through from the Anime and its a tad better than the Anime (and ecchier ^^).

    I cant tell anything about the Novel both is based on.Might be worth to check out aswell

  6. Zeroblade

    Ah, NHK. One of the better shows from Gonzo. I really liked the otaku-related comedy and how it lampoons so many stereotypes. I… sort of felt bad about how I resemble him some times though >_>

  7. digitalboy

    NHK is one of my original favorites and to me a veritable classic. THe second half is (arguably) not as good as the first, but it’s still damn great. I highly advise you read the original novel afterword, as it is much better and very interesting.

  8. Lehq

    I found NHK hilarious mainly on it’s satirical humour lol.

  9. Otaku Surf

    Welcome to the NHK is one of my favorites and the opening is pretty good, the tune was stuck in my head for weeks. I have yet to finish getting the manga, which is just as good!

  10. faceoffkang

    i wish there was a second season but there was a girl named Haruhi..she came along and….yea she needs another season too…srry im ranting
    How big was the age difference between the two of them…sato and that girl??

  11. Otaku Dan

    Welcome to the NHK has to be one of my most favorite anime I have seen. You should read the manga because the manga is like a whole different story and it is a lot better than the anime.

  12. pus2meong

    I have read the manga. For the love of God… the manga did not let the character to breath in grace for even one chapter, always giving him new problem to handle and made him in deep-deep stress every chapter XD

    The ending in manga, to be honest, I don’t like it, but it still acceptable. I was expecting Sato and Kaoru did manage to finish the eroge and sell it at comiket.

    The thing that surprise me is, the maid which are the one who look like Rei Ayanami actualy is a…man, hahahahahaha… so so funny.

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