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Finished Kanon

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10 responses to “Finished Kanon”


    Escapism is always a big part of the VN genre, but I found that it was well written in Kanon. Indeed, everyone has a moment where they realize that their lives (and most people’s, if not everyone’s lives) can’t be as perfect as the lives portrayed in anime, but that bittersweet feeling is just one of the draws to the genre. I suppose. Either that, or they’re just trying to make us think that these things are possible XD

  2. Belela-san

    I started watching Kanon “for sports” years after it was released. I found it truly lovely, watched one episode and needed to watch another one and another one and another one, I simply couldn’t stop until I watched it in two days :P . I found almost everything perfect in the series even the intro is touching but for me the Mai arc was a bit exaggerated compared to the rest but still it was touching to watch it

  3. James

    I love Kanon so much , and the 2006 version is really awesome . But some parts were more sad/emotional is the older version …

    My favorite arc must be Makoto and , of course , Ayuuuu :)

  4. Optic

    I’m wanna rewatch the series as well in DVD format. I’m just waiting for Funimation to release the boxset which is taking forever. -_-
    As with James, my fav. arc is Ayu. ^^

  5. jusuchin85

    Love the anime, loved the girls! The story is one of the saddest I’ve seen (after AIR, actually) despite its unrealistic-ness.

    My favourite arc has got to be the Makoto one. Really sad to see what happen. Not forgetting Ayu as well. Not gonna spoil for others, but the ending is a bitter pill to swallow after all that has happened.

  6. Paul; ffx2boy

    I like your review, though, I found some faults.

    When you say Kanon and provide a picture from Kanon 2006, you should list that down, since newbies would be confused when they search up Kanon episodes.
    As for the Unrealistic part, I like your whole reasoning behind calling it that, since it was all just that. But as you said, it is not real.

    Btw, calling Anime “cartoons” just criticizes it. Cartoons are badly drawn american-made T.V. shows, which I am doubtful of anyone who would tell me I’m wrong.
    Anime is also drawn T.V. shows, but that’s kind of why it’s called “ANIME” aka a JAPANESE cartoon which has a completely different style.

    Once again, loved your review.

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