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Unity Yuno

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27 responses to “Unity Yuno”

  1. James

    I so didn’t think you were buying this , i’m a little surprised ^^

    I have to say i was really glad about the system for the cast off option , at least it’s easy to do on this one and we can’t make paint go elsewhere or anything ;)

    Anyway glad you bought her and i guess you’ll buy Kazami Mei too ?

    Lovely pics as usual and thanks for the link :)

    And Happy new year to you :)

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  3. Otaku Dan

    she is a really cute figure, I was going to get her but I canceled the order.

  4. Adun

    Very cute and colourful figure. Those wings/blade things on her skirt are rather interesting though as I haven’t seen anything like that on a figure before.

  5. omo

    Definite a kit to buy for its unique designs.

    I might have if it was less…about the panties.

  6. phossil

    I like the colors and pose of the figure (Also the base).
    Good to have her in 1/8. Im considering for my next loot!!

  7. hikky

    Magical waitress combat maiden? You have created an new favourite genre for me dude xD

    Your pics look great in 2009 too! I guess I have to make an order in the near future.
    Happy New Year, I’m looking forward to see more of your great work in the new year.

  8. Persocom

    She looks great sans the top. The top just looks odd. Love her hair and colors

  9. gordon

    lovely figure.

    good thing there’s a metal peg supporting her since we all know how one legged figure tends to lean. but then again, sometimes the plastic support at the base of the foot might broke off as well, happened to me once. O_O

  10. Optic

    One of the stand out features on her is her base. I love pretty bases.

    GSC has once again delivered a very cute and detailed figure. When they say they are the best, they mean it and proof is on the figure.

  11. Rin

    I forgot to order her when ordering my pre orders…
    I do love the photos!!!!!!!
    The base is just lovely….matches the figure perfectly I think…

  12. Belela-san

    Yes I also noticed the same thing on the hair, must be some kind of flaw they didn’t notice. Not very fond of these “action poses”, always afraid they’d start leaning from a splint second. The design is pretty cute no doubt about that but she’s to exposed on her waist for my taste, this doesn’t combine because I’m a fan of full cast-off and this type isn’t my taste XD

  13. Blowfish

    I really like her overall Desig. From her hair down to her panties theres something to look at.Great Figure

  14. ron~

    Nice photos :D

    for once I thought she was leaning hahaha :) never knew this one has cast off feature… nice :O

    oh and also Happy New Year mate :D

  15. rayearthblue

    I really love the detail on her hair, her costume is very cute as well.

  16. Ayu

    Irrelevant question… how do you place the watermark so perfectly on all your photos?

  17. Blink

    She kinda looks a little tacky if you ask me…

  18. byaku-chan

    I thought the bits covering her breasts looked like brains at first glance, and that pretty much turned me off her. There’s too much going on in her design IMO, but I suppose that’s just magical girl syndrome taken to the hilt. Still, it’s always a pleasure viewing your galleries :)

  19. Dancing Queen

    she looks so good, i can’t wait till i get my hands on my own

  20. Jem

    Lovely review. I don’t think I ever commented, but I’ve definitely lurked. I always enjoy your story snippets at the beginning of every review. I think it’s a really clever and unique way to set up the atmosphere for a particular figure.


    Wow, I hadn’t even noticed the base the last time I saw this one ;P

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