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PSE-02 Chris Santa

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17 responses to “PSE-02 Chris Santa”

  1. alafista

    Ah so cute. Gets me right in the christmas mood

  2. Len-Vesper


    This figure is wonderfully cute. :o Her eyes are such a vibrant blue, I almost want to get this figure for that quality alone. Such blue blue eyes, good god it’s a pretty feature.

    Also Pantsuuuuuu!

    Was there any color enhancement done on your end post-processing or are the colors really that deep on the figure. If they are, then damn, I have a must buy before end of year.

  3. Edward

    Everything in the anime otaku culture has grown a little more ecchi. In time it will all change again.

  4. ron~

    Very nice shot, and I love this Range Murata figure. Cutest X’mas figurine I’ve seen so far :D

    Happy Holidays :)

  5. Belela-san

    Cute little figure related to Christmas ^^. Pantie shots are always an extra on figures, some are hidden but others are way exposed but I don’t really care about that :)

    Merry Christmas

  6. omo

    … you really like Ringo’s bag huh.

    I think Range Murata’s figures are always ecchi, but there’s probably something about making it less porny and more professional that worries him and stops it from slipping too far off the deep end. I’m just guessing.

  7. Otaku Dan

    She is a really cute figure and that pose is pretty good. what I like about her is that she does not have the traditional base and that it’s a little snow man encased it clean plastic(or glass).

  8. Rin

    Amazing shoots as always!!!!!
    Love the feather lying down pic!!!!!
    Great figure shoot just in time for the holidays!!!!!!

  9. Blowfish

    I dont get any ecchi vibes at all from her.Its more a cute/playful aura.
    You worked extra hard for the story this time eh?Is it our christmas gift?^^

  10. Rakuen

    hoho… Merry Christmas indeed.

    The figure’s really good-looking, and really cute at that. Now, if only I could find a nice Christmas Nagato figure.

  11. RayearthBlue

    She is really cute, and your pictures are wonderful as always!

  12. Gargron

    Yup, I agree with the above commenters, the figure’s cute. And sexy. Nice Christmas gift!

  13. James

    i really like this one ^^

    pantsu for christmas is always nice :p

  14. valho

    I really wanted to get this figure for Christmas, but had to keep my purchases in control as I am really running out of space. Love the first shot with the chair.

  15. Fychan

    Last pic is the best one. It seems like a totally different figure!!

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