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Harima, WTF!?

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18 responses to “Harima, WTF!?”

  1. Panther

    I still think the second season lacks compared to the first, and the third (OVA) was just a rushed finish, which was disappointing. Still the second season did contain laughs. It started off well, but it ended up rather “meh”.

  2. Stripey

    I enjoyed the second season a lot more simply because there was more of Eri. I never understood the Harima X Tenma pairing since there’s sooo much more chemistry between Harima and Eri or even Yakumo. The screen just lights up whenever Eri and Harima interacts whereas Harima X Tenma bits are mostly childish misunderstandings / running gags that distract from real development.

  3. IKnight

    Funnily enough, I didn’t think there was that much fanservice either. Maybe it’s subtle, or maybe it’s just produced with neither the kind of relish of a properly ecchi show, nor the glee of Najica/Aika &c.

  4. Optic

    Already on my buy list. I’m just waiting for our local distributor to completely finish releasing the 2nd season so I can get both seasons in one go.
    I appreciate good dub series. If it’s a good dub then it’s worth my money. ^^

  5. James

    Loved the show , i’m an Eri fanboy :p

    Would love to see another season but maybe we won’t get any at all …

  6. Seiken / VMan of Mana

    Personally I enjoyed the second season quite a bit more, for the simple fact that Tenma is moved to a secondary role and the series focuses on Harima’s misadventures. The Tenma gags can be funny, but is the kind of humor that for me, gets old very fast. Harima’s gags are more about his inability to handle situations, rather than focusing on the character’s stupidity (Tenma).

    Re: fanservice. It is there, but done very intelligently. It is used in the right places and the right quantity to make the characters more appealing, while never showing too much. For me, the fact that the series never relied on cheap or blatant underwear shots was very refreshing, especially for romantic comedy. I prefer fanservice as a spice, not the main dish.

    There’s something I really like about Jin Kibayashi’s style, especially in the eyes and character’s expressions.

    Oh, Yakumo and Itoko fan here.

  7. Blowfish

    SchoolRumble is in my Top10 List aswell.
    Harima makes the show and one of my favorite anime girls is from school rumble.
    Its a really fun show that manages to stay funny even when it throws in a more “serious” story.Just stay away from the san gakki OVAs.They are the typical i want to keep an open door ending thing

  8. Pax

    I’m finishing up School Rumble First Semester and so far I’m loving it. I heard great reviews on the Second Semester so I’m going to buy that once I’m done.

    It’s an amazing show with an equally good dub. I love how all the characters are done, especially Tenma. Her crazy cuteness is all there.

    As far as favorites go, it’s Mikoto and Yakumo running first and second respectively then Eri and Tenma. All of them are cute.

  9. olivia

    “great tragedies, or at least inconveniences, life is not being in control of who you’re attracted to”

    Err… why would you want to CONTROL the person you’re attracted to? I would rather have that person roam free with happiness than being stuck with me in depression. I believe that we should all respect that person’s choices and preferences – if that person just doesn’t see anything in you that he/she is impressed with, than that’s not his/her problem.

  10. Chappy

    Somehow i love all seasons. However, much due to the appearance of Eri. Yes, I love Eri (and Mikoto). Unfortunately, the OVA isn’t well done. Lots of WOW scenes are not included. D= Season 1 and 2 are nice. ^.^

  11. rangerroh

    I loved both first and second season of school rumble. Seriously if I was Harima I would have gone for Eri or Yakumo.

  12. ron~

    up to this day, school rumble s1 and s2 is still in my top 10 anime :)

    too bad the ova (ch 25 and 26) arent good.. I hope season 3 will be awesome :D

  13. ceasol

    I love School Rumble the first season was funniest than the second one. Eri and Yakume are my favorites. I still need to read the manga though.

  14. Lehq

    I liked season1, but season 2(2nd half) was a disaster for me. Not that I dislike romance, but I think they didn’t pull it off well in S2. S3, after hearing all the bad stuff, I didnt bother watching it lol.

  15. Lockhart_strife

    I love eri sawachika

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