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Moribito, eps 1-8

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11 responses to “Moribito, eps 1-8”

  1. animemiz

    I watched it as it was airing, and they have a wonderful opening, spears make interesting weapons.. but I guess I was more interested in way the anime gave off a Korean-feeling..but I think that was historically accurate.

  2. Vik

    The story of her protecting the prince sounds similar to Scrapped Princess, Which I enjoyed. Animation is beautiful, and the action clips look fantastic. Thanks for the review. I think I’m hooked.

  3. Panther

    Seirei no Moribito was awesome. The OP was only released this year though lol, more than a year after the anime had started airing. Some felt the ending was a little rushed, but I felt it was fine. The only nitpick I had was when she said “performance” (out of all the Japanese) in the entire show, when they were not supposed to know English at the time. -_-

  4. Lehq

    I saw lots of good review at anime-source.com, now I’m really tempted to follow this series.

  5. Veers

    This was one of the best shows from 2007 (along with Dennou Coil and Gurren Lagann) and it’s a shame that, from what I could tell, it got so ignored. I checked this show out after hearing it was similar to The Twelve Kingdoms. I think TTK is a better story with better world and character development and better pacing, but Seirei no Moribito was still very good; it has a very steady and solid story with some really amazing fight scenes (and beats TTK in animation hands down).

    My main complaint about the show, though, is that after around the halfway mark the cast dynamics change drastically (can’t say more without spoiling) and while none of the characters really go “out of character” I still feel like the shift really removed what made the first half of the show so engaging; namely the ongoing manhunt for Balsa and Chagum. I didn’t think the ending was rushed at all (abrupt, perhaps, but not rushed); rather, in a sense, you could argue that the whole second half of the show is falling action, which to me gave the show a bit of a dragging-out-a-tad-too-long feeling.

    I’ll be picking this one up when a boxset is out, it’s a winner of a show.

  6. Sasa

    The name “Chagum” sounds somewhat korean, I think. So yeah, I agree that there is this very nice korean feeling.

    I too am in the middle of watching the series, and I love it for the exact same reasons as you. Weren’t the fighting scenes in episode 3 just too perfect?

  7. Len-Vesper

    I like the fact, through the video snip you linked, that the fighters are good but not invincible. Even the weapon breaks but they keep going. There’s a part of me that sours on many anime fights due to ‘fake’ looking weaknesses, but this doesn’t seem to have this feel.

    As you said, it has a different art feel but it’s refreshing to see ‘uncommon’ style like that, goes well with the darker, more ‘desperate’ feel of the scene – probably the whole series along with.

    I’m going to be getting this DVD in the new year, I do think. Seems like a story I’d enjoy.

  8. Len-Vesper

    Now you’ve made my weapon lighter and that makes me ABLE TO USE MY SECRET FORBIDDEN TECHNIQUE.

    I promised my master i’d never use it but I don’t care because ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’ *chargeup chargeup*

    I’d keep typing more, but my brain is rioting against me making most of the right side of my body twitch violently… so… I’ll stop there.

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