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Haruhi Suzumiya

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25 responses to “Haruhi Suzumiya”

  1. ron~

    I also prefer the school uniform ver than FREEing bunny girl version :)

    this one is definitely better than the max factory version, but the price is also almost doubled ^^;

  2. phossil

    I like the Alter version. The photos are also great!!

  3. Danny Choo

    Lovely pics as usual.

  4. Edward

    I’m starting to think this is the best of them all. I think the bunny version and this can stand separately. Your lighting and staging is outstanding on these photos.

  5. RayearthBlue

    What a stunning figure, Alter does such amazing work. The pose concerns me a little though, looks like she might start to lean eventually. Your photos are beautiful as always, I’m always inspired to do my own photo shoots after looking at your pictures!

  6. ELTboy

    Nice photos again!

    The main reason why I didn’t get this figure is because I already have Max Factory’s Haruhi. Didn’t like having same character in similar outfit. I’m not too keen on the pose as well. But I can see Alter did another fine job, as always.

  7. Equinox

    Haruhi is synonymous with win. Nice shots.

  8. Belela-san

    Guess we agree on the same points of this figure, she’s full of life indeed and Alter did one heck of a job on her. The only reason why I’m not getting her is because I already have four figures ordered. I keep wondering, do you use any kind of layers to do some of your shots on photoshop?

  9. Rin

    Really really nice pictures!!!!!!!
    Do love those background shoots!!!!!
    As always!!!!! Amazing pictures!!!!!

  10. Q

    I agree how this is the face she won’t normally share with everyone else. Does feel kinda different to the usual face from other Haruhi figures.

    And wow I didn’t know there’s the alternate face/limited ver. o_o

  11. James

    best Haruhi ever , i love this one ^^

    great shots as usual :)

  12. Blowfish

    Great Shots!
    The first picture is the favorite out of the whole bunch.I dont like Haruhi too much but its a nice figure.

    I see you have HobbySearch Ads now.Good Placement!Wont draw away from your posts but still has good exposure rate

  13. Otaku Dan

    those are really nice pictures. I don’t know why but I find the base to be rather plain, it would have been nice if the H was red.

  14. valho

    Nice shots, especially like the first one

  15. Blowfish

    What?Really? I swear i didnt notice the ed of post ads before.
    How ignorant can i be?^^

  16. Blowfish

    Who knows maybe im that simple^^
    Havent bought any Ikki Tousen figures lately tough :P
    Im playing right now once again around with exposure rate and aperature size hope to get a good NoseArtGirl Review up soon ^^

  17. Optic

    I prefer the bunny ver. but I would go for her since it’s cheaper. I couldn’t find her at a good price in HK even though she was everywhere. T_T
    It’s a tough choice if i will be getting her in the future as max released their Gekisou Ver. Also, I’m having 2nd thoughts about canceling the Koto swimsuit version.
    The decisions are just endless.

  18. jaz

    great pics of Haruhi. I’m a big fan of Aya Hirano and love her music too

  19. bubba j

    cool but awkward

  20. lowell

    OMG! Barney does the Hare Hare Yukai too LOL

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