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I Don’t Want to be a Mage!

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23 responses to “I Don’t Want to be a Mage!”

  1. ron~

    nice photos :)

    she looks really good. nice job from GSC, i wonder why they put castoff feature but didn’t bother to paint the bichiku

  2. Equinox

    Ah, I remember seeing this. Nice to see you actually got it, she’s impressive. I was an avid Lineage 2 player for many years, the characters are hot indeed. Such an addicitve game. Will probably snag one for myself!

  3. Belela-san

    A very good detailed figure but the cast-off is a turn of, its completely pointless without being completed. I agree with you on the face, there are some angles that do not favor her, it seems the designer only saw that from that specific angle.

  4. yumyu

    I can’t wait for mine. From the promo shots I was concerned about her teeth as it looked awkward. Once I saw the actual review shots, it does looks quite messed up. Nonetheless, it is a very nice figure at a certain angle though :S

  5. Panther

    The introduction just makes me LOL.

    I am giving her up. I simply cannot justify buying her, over others that I far prefer and have a real good reason to get.

  6. tj han

    Looks good from some angles like Myspace girls.

    Looks like you’re falling into the “figure fatigue” mode? Are you?

  7. lu-k

    Not the kind of figure I like (not “anime-like” that’s why) but she is sure ultra gorgeous. On a particular picture (guess which hehe), she looks almost real… amazing.

  8. LianYL

    Could you take a picture of your entire figurine collection? I am very, very interested in taking a look. Just wondering how you store your figurines.

  9. Gibe

    awesome shots bro!!! whats your dslr lens aperture and shutter speed for those? and do you shoot via manual or priority? i love the lighting and black backdrop! I have an affinity for dark backdrops so im hoping can you give me a few tips on the lighting placements and light diffusing for the black backgrounds

    Any help will be much appreciated, you’ve got yourself a fan here :)
    Thanks in advance! :)

  10. The Sojourner

    She can join my party anytime.

  11. Rin

    Love the shoot…
    Still, not a big fan of realistic looking figures…
    It’s an okay figure in my books…

  12. howieh

    …is that oil on her butt/leg? o.o

  13. Gibe

    thanks for the response. just a few more clarifications regarding your shots:
    -whats the wattage of your sidelamps?
    -and what are the aperture/shutter speed/iso exif settings that you utilize?
    -for the deep black backdrop does it mean that the front 45-degree angled lighting from the tutorial page wont be recommended? or do i only have to make sure that the front lighting is as far away from the background as possible to enable zero lighting/shadowing for the black background?

    sorry for the trouble, il be getting a dslr next week and hope to iron out some kinks on prepping my studio. :)

  14. Gibe

    ^thanks for the help man! will try these tips out soon :)

  15. Len-Vesper

    Your photos are fantastic, but unfortunately I just don’t like the human mage sculpt. Despite loving Lineage 2 (had been playing the game since korean beta, followed it from korea – taiwan – japan – north america) I just… it was just so boring of a statue to me. I don’t really much like any of the Lineage 2 homage statues.

    Despite this, your work is impressive, lighting is nice – I like the fact you somehow don’t generate glare with your set up. I still have a lot to work on, on mine. I have a ton of pics I took that I just don’t post because I don’t yet understand how to do the macro shots/lighting etc. I’m good at scenic photagraphy, statues is entirely another story. :D

    Good show as always.

  16. Saku

    LOL nice intro. It made me laugh. It’s a really nice figure based on your photos and trully lives up to GSC standard but sadly it’s not my kind of figure that I would get ^^;;. If she uses a sword ….. maybe but then it wouldn’t be called Human mage, instead, it will be called Human warrior (maybe?) ^^

  17. slung666

    esta muy bonita…….

  18. jenn

    I was wondering what was barbie doll about it, then…I realised. -sighs- The detail on this one looks very nice though, especially on the armour. ^^

  19. Jaydead

    I played Lineage 2 before and I’m hoping that the local toy stores here will have this for sale. I missed out on the Dark Elf figure but b/w the two, I think the Dark Elf is better looking. Yeah, I played a Dark Elf char so I’m biased. heheh! =p

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