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Thank You

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17 responses to “Thank You”

  1. IcyStorm

    Aw shoot, couldn’t get it. There’s always next time, right?!

  2. Blowfish

    How many orders did you expect?
    25 is a pretty good number if you ask me! ^^ I thought that maybe half that much would order it.
    I hope the printed version will arrive soon.

    Cant wait for v2 :D

  3. Priss

    I remembered just in time! Yokatta ^_^;;!!! Seriously though, I think it was a really great way to collect your work and it’s something I think you should be totally proud of doing! Congrats, can’t wait to receive my copy!

  4. Optic

    Dam, I missed out. T_T
    Maybe it was the best because the aussie dollar is at it’s all time low.
    Almost everything I purchase oversea just feels so pricey.

  5. LianYL

    WAIT WHAT?! You mean it isn’t an ongoing sale?

  6. Equinox

    My copy already shipped, so i expect a package to be on my work desk to cheer me up soon!

  7. moyism


  8. Dancing Queen

    i got mine in the mail today, it was really amazing and makes me want to work more on my own photography so i can one day release a book like you. But it really was amazing, i love flipping through it!

  9. G.K. Sil Kamina

    D’oh! I missed it. This is what I get for not keeping track of things.

  10. Meimi132

    Uwaahhhhh I wish I checked this blog more often….. I wish I got to order one…. bwah…

  11. Len-Vesper

    Just got the box yesterday Super_Rats. The book is gorgeous.

    Fed-Ex always charges an arm and a leg, i’ve learned this when shipping stuff to myself from conventions. USPS has more reasonable rates, so maybe looking into domestic shipping for over-border etc could save the headache of super-duper charges. :o

    Also, I’m sending you an email… need to consult you on something. :o

  12. Nork22

    Got my copy today. The book is very nice and I hope you would do it again next year. As for the shipping, it’s not too bad for mine considering I had higher charges for something smaller than this.

  13. Equinox

    I received the book two days ago. The packaging was absolutely perfect, quite cool actually. The book is pretty nice, it came out very well. Good job!

  14. Blowfish

    I also got it 2 days ago and its marvelous!
    I didnt experience any printing errors like DQ and am happy to finally own a physical copy of your work.Id appreciate it if youll go the let it print route though because the whole LuLu thing was rather pricey.Youd still have the Doujin spirit with lets say a limited quantity of 50 pieces without somebody else meddling with the price.

    Your Picture choice was great.There were some of my alltime favorites among them.Theres no need to improve in that department for Vol.2
    What id really like to see would be a little text to most pictures.It was really interesting to get a look inside your mind and what you wanted to achieve with those pictures.The fact that you keep account of wich pictures where clicked the most often amazed me.I never even think about that^^.Too bad some of your prefered pics werent among them.

    Cant wait to see Volume 2 in 1-1 1/2 years :D

  15. Doug

    I want to see the HappySoda v1. Will there be any more copies available? I just discovered this website, and I am curious to see the book.

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