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Beat Blades Haruka

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28 responses to “Beat Blades Haruka”

  1. Blowfish

    I cant really tell if the face is off since I didnt have time to check out BBH but from my view shes a fine figure.The only thing id have to rant about is the expression on her face.She looks like shes happily jumping around with her Kunai instead of beeing engaged in a fight.

    I really like figures that are mounted on only one leg or are in a jumping motion.Im curious if shell warp over time or if Alter did a good job on those legs/peg

  2. James

    wow you already have her , i’m still waiting ^^

    i hope to have her tomorrow , she looks really nice but the paiting is bad for Alter , i’m disapointed :(

    anyway nice shots :)

  3. Ryan A

    “Haruka hits the sweet spot. She’s young, but not loli, filled out but not grotesque with her hips and breasts.”

    Well said. I like

  4. ron~

    nice review of haruka!

    her body sculpt looks very nice.

    Kinda regreted a bit from cancelling the pre-order.. waiting for aussie dollar to increase again :(

  5. Belela-san

    She is amazing but those poses always scare the hell out of me. Anyway the “angles” you can get are amazing which means I must train more with the three shoots I still have to do

  6. otaku dan

    i have seen this figure a while back but it has never in my radar. she looks very good and the paint job looks great. nice photo shoot you have there

  7. Yamcha

    Haruka is smoking hot. Kind of regret canceling the pre-order, but I could pick her up anytime. Gorgeous pics as always.

  8. meronpan

    was her expression in the prototype pics more… serene? or… hmmm… not sure how to describe it. at any rate, yeah, her personality goes pretty well with the subdued expression. subaru (who i pray alter releases a figure of), on the other hand, would probably be better suited with a more active expression.

    still hoping my order comes in… for me it it’s been a crapshoot with my preorders from kid nemo -_-

  9. Rio

    Thank you for comments. I love your photograph.^^

  10. LianYL

    I fear the imminent warping.

  11. chun

    nice review and pictures! the write up is woah at the start lol!

  12. Kairu Ishimaru
  13. lu-k

    Love her killing gaze. I can’t help being worry about her pose/stand/leaning potential, but well, she looks awesome enough for me to purchase her ^^
    I thought I would be able to make my mind about not ordering this figure… but this is another fail. Great photo sets like yours didn’t help me hehe ^^

  14. Hirvine

    Wow, what a totally lovely expression she has. She totally seduces me, I want her too! Nice introduction, I love it.

  15. Optic

    Love her twin blades. I think I have a fetish for blades. ^^
    I’m surprised her finishing isn’t that great. It has already been delayed so any touch up should be noticable. -_-
    Might get her in the future.

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  18. infested_ysy

    hey super rats, did you have any problems with sticking the leg onto the peg? I just tried assembling mine, but the upper peg just doesn’t seem to match the upper hole of the foot, so I get this:

    I tried real hard to push it down, but the foot just refuses to fit nicely on the peg =(

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  20. suki

    She’s beautiful but, sadly… her face isn’t sculpted to my likings…
    I might grow used to it, though.

  21. Kel

    Wow she’s so beautifully sculpted ^^.

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  23. Karura

    A few months late to the party but my local stockist still seems able to get their hands on Haruka so after months of deliberation I’m going to go for it!

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