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12 responses to “Shinobu”

  1. Blowfish

    Thats why i hate the increased Cast-off ability of figures these days.Its most of the time poorly done and in my opinion they often try to divert from the mediocre quality of a figure with such extras.

    Is it just me or are her gloves really that clunky?

  2. Sarith

    Pose is great, but everything else falls pretty short. She kind of looks like an RPG version of Sakura from Street Fighter, IMO.

  3. Zeroblade

    Mind you, cast-off functions are also adding quite a bit to the prices.
    Pretty decent figure though, asides those issues.

  4. gordon

    the fishnet is yummy. ^^;

  5. Deathy

    She’s quite cute but when I saw the close-up pictures of her face it just turned me off.

  6. Almost A Hero

    The colours seem really rich and deep, but I don’t know if its the figures paintjob or your excellent photos doing the work.

    I like her, despite her gaping whale mouth; she’s a nice figure (scarves FTW). But excellent? I think not.

  7. James

    She still looks better than i thought she would ^^

    But i don’t like the pose and the fanservice so yes :(

    And the painting is not great , i can clearly see that , thanks to your pics .

  8. LianYL

    I thought the top netting looked rather kinky.

  9. radiant

    Yeah, I agree with you on the no pants thing. Stopped me from buying, that’s for sure. The top netting! O_O Wow, that is really nice! DO WANT + pants!

  10. ron!

    the only selling point I see from her apart from the pantsu is her fishnet, looks nice :)

    but yeah somehow the quality is mediocre :(

  11. meronpan

    pretty cute and like the pose… but with the flaws mentioned and no emotional attachment to the character… will be awhile before i’ll have spare cash for this one ^^;

    …be that as it may, that netting…wow :P

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