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10 responses to “Hik@ru”

  1. Kyokii

    Hawt. My bro got me this for my birthday! w00t!

    This figure is just simply very well done. I love the character designs by Noizi Itou. The sculptor really captures the essence of Hikaru in this one.

    It’s a REAL shame that a Shana figure of comparable quality is not on the market (yet). I’d jump at the chance to get a Shana figure if it was as well done as this one.

    Noizi Itou for the win!

  2. Kyokii


    I can’t hold it in! The Maxfactory Shana is just too much! I’m so excited they’re coming out with a good-looking Shana!

    Now… Hobbylink… must hunt them down until they let me order it… hunt…

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  5. Serene

    Very very nice shots ^^ You’ve capture Hikaru’s sweet and energetic pose.. Now I have no regrets ordering her XD I’m waiting for my Hikaru to be shipped after a long search for it as it’s hard to find it in the market anymore ^^”

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  7. Leefe

    I do agree I haven’t really seen a well done Shana up till now. Might be a little picky but afterall it’s an expensive hobby ^^;
    Really great photoshoot btw. You really captured the essence of Hikaru’s transformation on 2D-to-3D-and back to 2D. =D

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