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Breakfast Salad

Breakfast Salad

After eating a couple thousand bagels and a million truckloads of breakfast cereal, I lost interest in breakfast often enough I’d skip it.  Why is breakfast food so bland?  Anyway, it’s supposedly bad for you to go long stretches without eating something, especially if you need to regulate your blood sugar levels like I do.  For a while I’d gotten hooked on fast food breakfasts loaded with cheese and salt, but that brought the number of fast food meals I ate a week from five to ten fast food meals a week.  Crazy, but tasty, and most likely unhealthier than skipping breakfast entirely.

About a month ago I decided to eat a salad for breakfast and ever since I’ve had salad for breakfast four or five times a week.  I’ve mentioned it to a couple of people and they look at me like eating a salad for breakfast was like breaking some kind of law or I’d joined some weird cult.  It’s funny how some simple things like eating a bowl of lettuce instead of a bowl of corn flakes first thing in the morning can seem odd, when it isn’t.  Anyway, if you get those pre-bagged salads like I do, it’s just as easy to prepare as a bowl of cereal, and tastier.  I skip the croutons and cheese, but do add some chicken along with a vinegrette dressing.  I’m sure it’s mostly psychological, but since I’ve been doing this I feel less like a zombie on my way to work.

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10 responses to “Breakfast Salad”

  1. David

    Yes! I was searching the internet to see if eating salad is recommended — I realize that I often forget to eat greens, so I thought, “Why not start the day with a salad.” While I’m at it, I think I may add tofu, almonds and walnuts, and a half smoothie, to start the day off with a crazy healthy meal.

  2. Mike

    Welcome to the dark church of breakfast salad! Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaaaaa! I like to include diced raw garlic. Should not be overdone especially with a delicate constitution, but it cleans out your digestive system along with many other reputed benefits. I also put in some cayenne pepper. Good for circulation and a natural expectorant to clean breathing passages. Usually include tuna or salmon.

    See you at the ceremony. :^) Mike.

  3. Monique Harper

    Wow i just started eatting breakfast on Tuesday of this week. I decided to eat salad because i couldnt find nothing good to eat without me feeling like i opened a gateway to hunger. Ever since i have started eatting the salad for breakfast boy i feel so good full of energy not tired by 12pm and not as hungry and its so filling.. yes people look at me like i took the short yellow bus when they see me bouncing around with my salad, i also tried cayenne pepper on it and didnt know that it was good for circulation, but i am glad i tried it. now i am going to keep doing it. i lost 1 pound this week and i feel light and refreshed. i also try tuna and sardines. yummy.

  4. Luke Heck

    Salad for breakfast is the perfect start to the day!!!
    not only is it healthy, why not eat all your greens at once in the morning. not to mention it rehydrates your body after sleeping because it is mainly water.

  5. Liza Glazner

    I was driving to work today and thought about making a new invention. The breakfast salad. Did a quick google search and well I guess you beat me to it. However, I am glad to see more people have thought of it, because when I texted my husband of my new idea, he replied “yuck.” Well poo poo on him, it is a good idea after all. I frequently run out of the house without breakfast because I don’t have enought time nor am I hungry yet. I ususally through some stuff in the blender real quick and call it a smoothie before I dash off to prison–I mean work. I am going to try the breakfast salad and see if I like it. I really don’t like commercial dressings and I hate vinegrettes so I have to find something with a mild flavor that is morningish. I really don’t like salad either, but somehow a breakfast salad seems a bit more appealing to me than lunch or dinner salad and I need to have more greens things my life. I can’t wait to try it!!!

  6. heather

    Yes, I too was thinking of this idea. I wanted to eat a salad for breakfast this morning when before my sweetie went to work, but I thought–no, it would be an odd thing & he would probably think I was pregnant. Anyway, I decided to Google the idea, and see what others had thought about salad for breakfast & here it is. I had a glass of tomato juice this morning instead, but tomorrow morning I am going to go for it! BTW, Liza: I was thinking about a dressing for you–a lemon poppy seed or a honey mustard. You could make both at home. A raspberry vinaigrette, esp. if you are going to throw some nuts & cranberries or apples in there would be swell.

  7. agustina

    hace un mes que desayuno con ensalada y creo que es lko mejor. me siento mas liviana durante la ma;ana y es mas saludable.

  8. Maria

    i was browsing the net this morning, looking for answers if having a salad for breakfast is bad.Now I found out how many people were doing it.i think it’s good.lol

  9. bnavarro

    I love this idea!! It makes me feel good and refreshed.
    If u havent tried it. I totally recomend it.
    U wont regret it!!!

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