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Sweet Armor Messed Up Face

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20 responses to “Sweet Armor Messed Up Face”

  1. Hirvine

    Her evil smile is a bit scary. I prefer the face on the left, somehow I don’t like the lips of the figure posed on the cover. The shiny armor looks pretty.

  2. bigearl

    I want… I so want this figure. The stern face looks much better… Too bad I can’t afford :(

  3. James

    I love this one , the armor is making her the best Saber available . But the only thing bothering me is the size , it’s too little for my taste :(

    It’s like the Alter Saber with the sark armor , figures with awesome detailled armors like that would be so great at a 1/6 size … but no , we only get bikini figures at 1/6 …. (but hey , i do like a LOT bikini figures ^^)

    I stop complaining for now ^^

  4. otaku dan

    she looks beautiflul and that armor looks awesome

  5. double

    I know I want to. But I’m not sure if my wallet can >_>

  6. omo

    I’m weak against shining armor. And ugliness is not a huge factor considering I revived my Saint Seiya action figures D:

  7. Saku

    I am hesitant to get this one due to her face and as you said it may change on the retail version so I am most likely going to wait until someone reviews it. On the other hand, her armor is awesome. Nice and shiny ^^

  8. gordon

    I’m seriously considering it. the anime face looks alright. let me check out how much my local store is offering first.

  9. valho

    I am gonna just use the anime face, the other face just looks horrible. the armor is really nice, but her skirt seems to be missing the silver paint that was in the prototype though

  10. Zeroblade

    Indeed the armor looks really good, but the face is almost traumatizing for me.

  11. Pure Trance (Figured)

    At least it is not SADER LOL.

    I should see if my husband wants this…he likes Saber (but only armored).

  12. suneo

    shiny saber sure is shiny :P
    At first I wasn’t really impressed with the alternate anime face, but looking at it some more, I think it would display well, and let’s face it…the real star here is the armor haha. The anime face is sculpted by the guy who did GSC’s Saber Maid which is up for a rerun right now, and I think that looked pretty decent, so hopefully this won’t turn out so bad. But yea, I think Gift is a relatively new figure maker…not sure how the final product will turn out. They are getting marketing help from GSC, though I dunno if that really means anything in terms of the quality of the figure…

  13. tj han

    I was hugely tempted. But the new Shiki is insanely likeable too.

  14. eltboy

    I already have her pre-ordered as this is THE best Saber figure to date in my opinon. And the sculptor, Satoshi Toda, is the one that did Solid Theater’s Saber Alter which is also highly detailed and fantastic.

  15. Veers

    tj han – No kidding, that kimono Shiki is much <3 and I’m considering getting one :D

    As for Saber, well, that armor is pretty awesome, but, uh, traumatizing face is traumatizing and I’d never buy a figure with a face that ugly…

    Unless it came with a paper bag to put over her head…

    1. gwendolyn

      i dont get how its ugly….i think its pretty cute!

  16. gwendolyn

    it does not look messed up………

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