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School Rumble

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13 responses to “School Rumble”

  1. Blowfish

    I absolutely love School Rumble.
    I recently rewatched both seasons and really enjoyed it.Harima is just so damn hilarious and hes the one whos keeping the show on a fast pace.My favorite situations are the ones involving Harima and Eri.I just cant stop smiling when i think about what happened on the trip on the beach.
    Another one of my Highlights was the Battle Royale they had in the second season.

    Id love to see some more school rumble figures.There were some swimsuit figures released by MaxFactory or GSC if i remember right but they dont tickle my fancy.
    I preordered a cheap Sega Tenma thats going to be released in December.Im not expecting anything great but its worth a try for 8 €.

    Id kill for a cool Eri figure

  2. Len-Vesper

    School Rumble is on my watch list as well. I haven’t had the chance to aquire it or borrow it from a friend or whatnot, but I keep hearing good things about it. That and about Eri being awesome.

  3. lu-k

    School Rumble is, with Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu? one of the rare comedy I have already watched more than twice and love to rewatch ^^
    Harima sure rocks. Eri is a great “tsundere”-like character. I also find that Akira is an amazing character (more in ni gakki actually). Lala (and mostly her seiyuu) is amazing. And at last, I am in love with Yakumo ^^;

  4. otaku dan

    i have only seen the first episode of the series a long time ago and it was pretty funny. now that the complete collection is out, i’m going to pick it up.

  5. Javi

    I love your blog, is amazing, I didn’t know where to write this. Sorry, but I want to give thanks to you for the high quality figure photos they’re awesome.
    I have been reading your blogs for months and I thought it was time to say you thanks.
    Keep the good work on!

    I also love School Rumble, Harima and Tenma are my fauvorite characters, they are very funny but Karasuma-kun makes me laugh too, he is very odd!

    PD.-Excuse my awful english, I’m from Spain.

  6. BZou

    OMFG I love School Rumble oh so much. One of my favorite animes of all time. I should pick me up one of these box sets myself.

  7. tj han

    Anyone wants to buy School Rumble figures LOL?

  8. Saku

    I never pick up this series and it’s going up to season 3 already ^^;;. How does this compare to Azumanga Daioh ? Is it better ? I love Azumanga Daioh so much especially Osaka-san due to her stupidity ^^.

  9. James

    Newer watched it , maybe i should ^^

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