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Otakon 2008

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26 responses to “Otakon 2008”

  1. James

    Nice loot , i so love the Mai Hime and the Champloo stuff ^^

    Glad to see you had fun and with no rain ^^

    It was exactly the same in France , forecast said it would rain and nothing :p I was outside all week end so that would have been bad :p

    forecast sux :( they’re always wrong ^^

  2. ron~

    :O you got the shining wind art book! great loot there

    any seiyuu invited to the event?

  3. moyism

    Props on getting the Shining Wind and Ka-e-n; have both myself and they’re definitely worth every penny!

    BTW when the dealers’ room was closing HLJ was having a 50% or more off sale on whatever they still had. Surprisingly the Kemeko figure I was eyeing was still there; picked her up for $30! Guess it was good I held back and didn’t buy beforehand ^^

    … and yea on the soap bit LOL. Luckily most of the places I was at either were open aired enough or with people who shower daily. I wasn’t so lucky a few times I had to walk through the long hallway… OMG that was some powerful stuff @_@

  4. omo

    I confess, I somehow lost your number and couldn’t call you until Sunday when I realize this and got it from Moy. Would’ve totally tried to look you up when Momotato was around as he’s a fan of your site.

    I wish I could’ve went to more panels but Jam Project takes up way too much time.

    And actually we are not really into karaoke. It’s just me! It just works out to be a good thing to do if you’re just chilling with people and not running from panel to panel.

  5. Os

    I have no idea if you remember me from Kono Sono/Karoshi but I was there too and when I heard that I “just” missed meeting you, I was in so much anguish. So much.

  6. Panther

    Shining Wind artbook! <3

  7. Natsukashii Anime Blog » Otakon 2008 - More Gay (Blogger)Love Here Than Geass R2

    [...] also incredibly disappointed that I missed super rats, Momotato and Scott. These senpais I greatly respect and would be in awe if I met either. I planned [...]

  8. BZou

    Wish I could have went. Sounds like it was fun except the packed in part to go to each panel.

  9. lu-k

    ohoh Kappei Yamaguchi, would have loved getting an autograph from him on my Usopp figure ^^;

    Karaoke is funny… especially anime related ones, when you don’t even undersand what you are singing hehe ^^;

    Seems to be a great event.

  10. Len-Vesper

    Hee, you got Ka-E-N and the new Shining Wind book. Tony Taka and Ito are like tiny art gods. Arg, such lovely illustrations.

    The scheduling thing isn’t unusual. All cons have that sort of weirdness going through, reschedules that are unannounced, literal errors in booklets etc. Then again, organizational part of cons can be tough.

    And also: on your community cloud, the link to my blog is outdated. orz it points to /fuwa/ which doesn’t exist anymore, it’s at the root of http://www.finetoo.org.

    Do you intend to go to Sakuracon 2009?

  11. Len-Vesper

    No worries, no worries. It’d be almost useless for people to come on the blog at the moment anyway, since I’m breaking my head over the code at the moment.’

    Sakuracon is indeed on the west coast. It’s the one I usually attend each year, as well. :o

  12. TheBigN

    It was good to meet you, but it was so quick! Hopefully we can meet up for later at another time. :3

  13. Zeroblade

    Ka-en :O
    And I wish cons here were even half as awesome and comprehensive :<

  14. Equinox

    Ah, that Shining Wind artbook, i’ve been meaning to get my hands on it but i haven’t had the time. I’ve got the Shining Tears one though and it’s very nice. Also, <3 Laura Bailey, nice to see she attended, i caught her at Acen and she signed my Kiddy Grade boxset. Would love to catch Monica Rial so it’ll be signed by everyone! I’ll probably attend Otakon next year.

  15. Veers

    I wish I had known you were going, I would have tried to meet up and say hi. Actually, if you walked past the Asylum Anime booth in the dealer hall and saw a skinny guy in a white tee and jeans, that was me. XD

    That was my first Otakon (been to a few AXs) and I had a blast~ I picked up some nice loot, too :D Caren for $35 and WW for $15 from the HLJ booth, the pencil board and artbooks were my payment for helping at AA, 5cm/sec for $20 at the ADV booth (I was glad they had some), and some other stuff.

    I also like the new layout, by the way.

    Also, yeah, man, I noticed a lot more con funk in the air than I ever noticed at my trips to AX. It was pretty bad by Sunday; I could hardly stand it in the dealer hall :s Soap should be sold at the Otakon merchandise booth…

  16. Veers

    I’ll keep an eye on that. I didn’t open her until last night right before bed so I didn’t really mess around with it much yet. The metal rod in her leg fit pretty snugly into the base, though. Neither of those figures were ones I was really looking for, but they’re both nice and the prices were too good to pass up. Caren adds some monochrome to my rather colorful figure array and Wind Walker can keep Ignis company now :] HLJ had a MF Haruhi (the original one) there on the first day for only $35–I didn’t buy it because I wasn’t sure it’d fit in my bag on the trip home, and after I decided that it would and went back for it, it was gone :[

    And here’s something unrelated but I haven’t really seen anywhere else to ask and be on topic so I might as well ask here. What do you do about dust on figures? I got to the point where I got tired of dusting them so I put them back in their boxes, and now I’m getting to the point where I have enough figures to kinda justify the purchase of some kind of display case, since the top of my bookshelf is kinda crowded now with Caren, Wind Walker, and Reinforce added this week, and Miku on the way this winter. What kind of shelving do you use for display and do you have any suggestions for shelving/casing shopping? Doesn’t need to be super fancy, just something to hold them in such a way that they’re easy to look at and don’t get dusty. My sister tipped me off to some stuff that IKEA sells, namely this but I’ve never heard of them before.

  17. e-jump

    Nice hauls.
    Do you thing there will be good stuffs at NYAF too?

  18. Equinox

    e-jump: NYAF is pretty nice. I went there last year and am looking forward to the one this year. I’m already in NYC so it’s only 10 minutes away. How convenient :)

  19. bigearl

    Laura Bailey <3… she sang the momiji song :3… highlight of the con for me! I had fun at the con, and this is the first time going that I didn’t meet up with anyone, but there was so much to do, I don’t know when I would have been able to this year.

    I wish I got that Shining Wind artbook. I know nothing of the game, but just love those character designs. Nice pins :) !

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