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Instead of Packing

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25 responses to “Instead of Packing”

  1. BZou

    Heh you were not kidding about wanting to constantly change themes. I want to change mine yet again despite only recently doing so.

    I like the new layout, its very nice. I love how the sidebars kinda reminds me of parchments. Keep up the good work!

  2. Sasa

    Hehe, I’m the exact opposite – I’ve always been on the search for the perfect theme that I never want to change, and now it seems I have arrived at the point where I don’t want to change any of my blog layouts anymore ;)

    But yeah, good job on this one so far! Personally I like it a lot and hope it’ll stay longer.

  3. IcyStorm

    Really digging the new layout.

    I just hope that Community Cloud thing doesn’t encourage spam x]

  4. lu-k

    Woho lovely theme man :)
    Sometimes I think about changing mine… but considering how I have already customized it, I am a bit affraid of how long it would take to change. I have already enough trouble each time I want to upgrade wordpress and/or theme ^^;

  5. rafiq

    Thanks for using the Community Cloud plugin :)

  6. Panther

    Nice theme, great work on the community cloud plugin. Hope you have a fun time at Otakon.

  7. blissmo

    Whoa! Such a pretty theme, plus it’s really unique!

  8. Zeroblade

    Whoa, great theme :O
    And enjoy your Otakon, Jam Project, etc.

  9. otaku dan

    nice new layout and good luck at otakon

  10. Kozta-Boom

    Nice theme man!! b^^

  11. Edward

    I like this new layout… It’s one of best I have seen anywhere lately. Nice to see you on twitter.

  12. Blowfish

    Woah i was shocked for the first few seconds when i arrived at your blog!
    You always choose quite unique themes for your blog.Its looking good!

    I hope to hear about your Otakon loot

  13. Len-Vesper

    Awesome new theme, makes me want to hurry up and finish mine. ._.

    Also word of caution, but you have someone ‘somewhat’ plagarizing your site. I don’t know if you authourized it or whatnot but this dude at http://www.otakuden.com (not to be confused with otakudan.com) is spamposting stuff you put up before.

    There’s a single small link to you at the bottom but otherwise does not show the source of its post. Seems like a scrape-n-spam site.

  14. Danny Choo

    Awesome design change.
    Whats that 9rules thing doing on your blog?!

  15. BZou

    Oh btw my only suggestion would be to make the RSS feed sign less predominant. Maybe its just me but that’s the only thing I don’t like. But I am not sure how others view it.

  16. BladeXian

    Love the new layout!! Looking forward to hearing what you’ve purchased over at Otakon. Keep up the awesome work!!

  17. JC

    At least, you don’t waste your time, the new theme is splendid :)

  18. moyism

    Sweet new theme dude! Too bad we all couldn’t hang out longer but it was great to finally meet the man behind the photographs.

  19. rain

    reminds me of the old times. nice to see most of the stuff working already. when will the time come when you can actually do a one click change. *thinks it never will happen*

  20. Keonyn

    I like it, I wish I was good at this sort of thing. I can do the graphic bit as I completely reskinned my own blog when I set it up. Unfortunately the coding bit I’m not too good at, and it took me a week just to find out how to make the minor changes to my theme that I did make. I can handle HTML, but unfortunately that doesn’t help much in modifying modern scripts like WordPress and the themes.

    I do love the theme you’ve got going though, especially since Haibane Renmei is my favorite, tied with E7. The one thing I miss is how your comments stuck out, due to the big yellow number, on your old theme but you just sort of blend in with this one. In a way your comments stick out less since people providing a URL get bolded names.

  21. Saku

    I love the site design. It’s lovely :) . How long did it take you to design this theme ?

  22. radiant

    Sweet theme! I love it! Although I have to admit, that your previous theme’s layout was a lot more unique. This one’s layout looks a lot more like typical blogs, but the style of the skin is very nice. You built the theme yourself? How did you get that line-art Haibane Renmei?

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