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Figure On Cheap Lighting II: Blocking Light

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24 responses to “Figure On Cheap Lighting II: Blocking Light”

  1. Len-Vesper

    Excellent. Simply excellent.

    I love the fact you displayed how to change the cut-differential for light when using shadow, I didn’t know how to achieve that effect before. I think I’m beginning to understand what I was doing wrong with the Kasugawa-schoolswimsuit photo shoot when I took my first shots inside.

    I’m glad to see the vimeo bug is catching, Super Rats. I’m confidently speaking for myself and other figure-snappers when I say: Moar tutorials!! XD

  2. Adun

    That’s a very interesting technique to use. I’d have to try it one day but I don’t think I have a figure that would suit that kind of mood. But damn, you sure have a lot of space to work with to do your photography work on, mine is probably half of that.

  3. Hirvine

    @Len-Vesper agrees. Showing how you manipulate the light beam was highly interested. I did not notice your pair of tutorials until now. Their both very interested and I will both take on the advice.
    Great to see the ‘cheap’ techniques. Guess buying expensive camera’s isn’t all it takes :P .
    @Adun, I just get down to the floor.

  4. Danny Choo

    Nice tutorial.
    Your dog was cute ^^;

  5. Blowfish

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I absolutely love your Tutorials.I wouldnt mind seeing them more often.

    Hmm…it seems that Len-Vesper inspired you with the Videos huh^^

    Ill try to make my first “real” Photoshooting the next days following your Tips.Im excited how theyll turn out

  6. ron~

    nice video tutorial :D

    definitely going to try that, since it’s true that some figures (especially the glossy ones..) need plenty of shadows to make them good, heh..

  7. bigearl

    My dog went a little crazy when he heard your dog :P !

    Cool tutorial :) !

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  9. Belela-san

    Nice going rats, you should do more tutorials like this ^_^

  10. priss

    Wow! Super cool stuffs! It’s great that you take the time to bestow wisdom and share! Thanks! I’ll have to do some experimenting myself ^_^

    You doggie sounds like a little one – what breed is she?

  11. ceasol

    Great Tutorial I found it visiting foo-bar-baz today.

  12. Nork22

    Nice little video tutorial. :)

    It’s good to see a video tutorial on how you get your lighting to work for you as often times it will take me a bit to get how it all works if it was written down.

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  14. Persefone Loki

    I love yours photo tutorials …

  15. marvin

    Incredible shots! amazing tutorial! thank you for sharing that tutorial with us Super rats!

  16. rechie

    for you

  17. Eddie

    Such a simple technique and it works so well! Thanks for making the video and thanks to Len-Vesper for linking it from his blog :D

    Now to have fun taking pictures :O

  18. valho

    I have seen this technique being use for external flash, have nvr thought of using it for figure shoot, but it really does give some nice effect.

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  20. Sano

    Wow, thanks for this great tutorial! Now I just need a fitting figure…

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