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Natsume Rin Obsession

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13 responses to “Natsume Rin Obsession”

  1. Adun

    Despite being a HUGE Key fan, I haven’t really gotten into Little Busters or any of their characters. The same goes for the figures that are currently out as well, none sem all that appealing to me.

  2. ron~

    I never played little busters, but I like their character design too :) This one has a nice pose, but I hope she won’t lean..

    I find the pictures are a bit over-contrasted, but I’m sure they are intended that way :)

  3. Yamcha

    Never trusted the figures supported by one leg. The quality looks good enough for Koto. Not stellar by any means but it’ll suffice for the price. Hope you enjoy displaying this cutie.

  4. James

    Awesome pics , i love the ultra bright background ^^

    I love her so much , wanted to buy but still didn’t … :(

  5. Blowfish

    Back to basics!No fancy things just a bright white background and some fallen leaves scattered among the ground.I love the first two pics.^^

    What did you use as background in the last few?Gift Wrapper?

  6. valho

    Quite like the pose of this figure. Like the second pic too, feels like she’s running from something.

  7. Hirvine

    I only know little busters from the youtube vids.
    My problem with my one leg figure is the ‘leaning figures‘ problem. Did you have this problem? Does she stands firmly in the base?

  8. Persefone Loki

    It so beautiful, but I don’t buy because the the figures supported by one leg.

  9. rain

    I noticed your last few shootings have high contrast and saturation… and I like them.

  10. radiant

    Excellent photos! I noticed that you have started to use very high contrast shadow and light. It really brings a different mood with your images! Though watch out on the type of mood you are bringing. Use it in moderation for figures that should have that mood, as the dark shadows conceal a lot of details which make it difficult to properly review.

    Excellent photos! Definitely a unique lighting technique that takes it away from the “stock photo” look!

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