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Aika R-16

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18 responses to “Aika R-16”

  1. Yamcha

    Ah, Agent Aika and Najica. Panty shots are kind of like ice cream. Have too much of either and you just get tired of them after a certain point.

  2. radiant

    All I can say is butterfly on boobs = win.

  3. ron~

    hmm never heard about this anime before, going to find some info about this one :D

  4. lu-k

    I really enjoyed Najica, which is quite similar in term of fanservice.
    I remember I was looking for thise Aika R-16 episodes, but never managed to find them. mmhh should say never properly looked for them.
    The show is not licenced here in France, and no fansub either :(

  5. Nork22

    Ah Studio Fantasia, thank you for another good round of panty action. Which reminds me, wonder where I put that Najica panties…

  6. lu-k

    mmmhh… « there might be as much fan service in one episode as there was in all of NBT »
    Now I definitely want to see that ^^
    Seems very because of that, indeed.

  7. IKnight

    I remember Najica was one of the few anime which my local DVD rental store had back when I discovered anime. It quickly taught me that there was more to anime than arthouse films.

  8. flee

    I have only watched the first OVA since I couldn’t find the other two OVAs. It’s funny, action-packed, and ofcourse full of fanservice.

  9. Burrowowl

    I’m not clear on what the difference is (from a guilty-pleasure standpoint) between this any any of the 10,000 romantic-comedy harem shows that air in a given season. Instead of a panty-shot embarrased moe scene per episode, it’s a half-dozen panty-shots per scene and a couple embarrased moe scenes. It’s just a matter of scale.

  10. nakoma

    watashi wa nakuma desu. anata wa?

  11. Evinson

    que tal amigos amantes del hermoso arte del anime japones pues la serie de aika r-16 toda la serie de tres capitulos las disfrute mucho y aqui desde Gutemala se disfruta el anime

  12. HappySoda » Agent Aika Remastered

    [...] somewhere believes it’s a classic, though likely had something to do with Bandai releasing Aika R-16. I guess it really is a classic, though. When you talk about fan service, this usually enters the [...]



  14. Zanpakutoh

    What is so vulgar about Aika R16? is this the first time you saw panties in anime? don’t expect every anime to thought provoking, besides if they want this to be vulgar why didn’t they just make a hentai? get off of your high horse and stop being a prude.

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