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Franco il Nero [questionable]

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19 responses to “Franco il Nero [questionable]”

  1. Danny Choo

    Gorgeous pics. Love the “fang” tag.

  2. ron~

    agree that the brown discs is the worst part of the figurine, they should use something more arty

    her clothes somehow reminds me of FSN archer ^^

  3. gordon

    lovely pics as always. ^^;

    she has a nice pose but i bet no one in real life can strike such a pose, aim their pistol, wink and smile at the same time. (‘~’)

  4. valho

    agree that Alter could have made a better base rather than a brown disc. Love the picture especially the second last one

  5. Persefone Loki

    It is so beautiful and way a pair with Donne Anonime. If you make a scenario for put the figures it would be perfect

  6. morimoli

    I love the pictures with those flowers, so explosive! Much like the figure, I suppose. Great shots. Oh and that base is pretty bad, there are so many colors out there I don’t see why they had to choose that one “~” !!

  7. sara

    It’s so freaken well made…

  8. SbebiWan

    Great shots as always ^^

    I agree with everyone on the base, same for Donne Aninime too. I wonder who choose this color and why they did not do a full diorama with a real floor, and better if we could have assembled all the three grils in one base.

    And I have the same spot on her bummy too ! >.<

  9. AS

    I like the yellow flower background, very nice. This figure is a bit “much” for me so I probably won’t get it, though it is very nice.

  10. Almost A Hero

    Really, what’s there to say? Regardless of how many times I visit your blog, each new figureshoot is never the same and never fails to impress.

    I love the outside pics, especially the sunflower ones.

  11. Nork22

    Man, nice figure and pics. Seems like a lot of the makers are skimping out on the bases. Just got Alter’s Kanu Unchou and the base is a plain clear blue base.

  12. Prim3

    Really nice figure! and ya.. the wall is nice.. but the brown base sure is a “spoiler” haha..

  13. Hirvine

    the shot with the sunflowers is indeed the best. All indoors o.0? Wow, great photoshop skills! The photos of the grass and sunflowers. Did you google it up or ..:S?

  14. Keonyn

    Yeah, that brown disc really detracts from the figure. That would work fine for less detailed figures, but a figure with that level of detail would have really benefited from just about anything less bland.

    The figure is a bit too heavy on the fan service for my tastes, but I certainly have to admire the craftsmanship. Great pictures as usual as well.

  15. suneo

    finally saw this review stashed away in old posts lol
    Great pics and nice effects with the grass and flowers. I especially like the “crouching” shot of her in the sunflowers. That works awesomely well!

    In my own post on her I think i wrote that mine didn’t have that defect on her buttcheek, but upon closer inspection it is actually there. But it was so unnoticeable that I didn’t even see it at first lol. Surely didn’t seem as prominent as I’d seen in HD’s review.

  16. EU03

    After having this out on display since the spring it was released, the little peg on the support just finally decided to snap on its own. :0
    Actually, I’m surprised how long it managed to survive. But now, I’m racking for any ideas on how to fix and properly reinforce the support.

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