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Other Places with HappySoda

Other Places with HappySoda

I kept meaning to post this image I got from Jeane Carla. She took one of the shots from the Nadie shoot and made this. Thanks for using one of my pictures. It’s a lot of fun for me to see things like this…sorry it took me so long to post it.

MAX Magazine

MAX Magazine from Mexico continues to put one of the figures I reviewed in their magazine. Here are some of past and upcoming images of the pages.

HappySoda with 9rules

I’m kind of surprised that 9rules accepted this blog, whose biggest feature is pictures of 24cm tall women made of polyvinyl chloride. Seems the site earned a reaction from the 9rules crew when reviewing it. I was listening to that site review stream cast and had no idea they were talking about HappySoda. I wish I had stream window up instead of minimized, seeing Tyme’s (one of the 9rulers) reaction to the page loading up would have been priceless or make me want to bury my head.^^;

Actually quite a few anime blogs were accepted by 9rules. Seaslugteam has the first list and the link above also shows that Drastic and Cruel Angel Thesis made it as well.

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9 responses to “Other Places with HappySoda”

  1. Travis Vocino

    Congratulations! See you on 9r.

  2. Kabitzin

    Thanks for the FYI! Arg, I wish I had caught the stream; is there any way to see it or download it?

  3. Alvin

    Looks awesome!

    Welcome to 9rules :)

  4. Seiken / VManOfMana

    I was going to start translating those text into English, but then I noticed that something wasn’t quite right… as I suspected, the text of those articles are pretty literal translations of Super Rats’ text (short sentences don’t fit quite well in Spanish). Can’t complain, since I really like the writing that accompanies the pictures =)

  5. morimoli

    Congrats! That’s so neat!

  6. Belela-san

    Having your photos published in a foreigner magazine is an honor.

    The artwork Jeane did was great, her skill is nice and I think she created the entire scene and only fitted your photo there, me on the contrary can only put pictures in already created background and manipulate them.

  7. rain

    wow nice! very awesome stuff there!

  8. omo

    a “reaction” huh.

    sounds about right.

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