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Reservoir Lucky Star

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32 responses to “Reservoir Lucky Star”

  1. Nork22

    The first director wasn’t fired per say, rather Kyoto Animation gave him a shot at it, but comic timing wasn’t his thing. Second director did it right in terms of comic timing, silly in-jokes and other cultural jokes that are as old as me. :D

    Forget which episode it was of Lucky Star, but I laughed when Konata was mimicking a Timotei ad. Of course 4/5 of the fandom didn’t get it, which made me felt old.

    Anyway, my box… it should arrive soon!

  2. ron~

    glad you enjoyed the 4 episodes, now the thing will get better :)

    Lucky star is one of my favorite anime, you’ll get attached soon. I hope that this will get licensed in Australia :D

  3. scottfrye

    Lucky Star does get better after the first 4 episodes but I think the last half of the series is the best. That’s when they introduce new characters.

  4. ron~

    Yep, everyone love Kagami, she’s my favorite character also (not only in LS, but across all anime~). And that policewoman should appear in eps 5 :D

  5. Ryan A

    Kagamin! Nice Reservoir Dogs comparison lol. I thought Azumanga was much more “composed” than Lucky Star’s random shake-shake.

  6. Seiken / VManOfMana

    Any comments regarding the quality of the subs compared to say, the fansubs? (Sadly) I don’t expect a DVD to try to explain every single referece or joke, but given that Lucky Star relies a lot on puns and references, I do expect certain level of accuracy.

  7. Veers

    Hm, even though I enjoyed Lucky Star I can’t really speak too highly of it, and find it inferior to Azumanga Daioh in almost every way possible (except on the otaku-o-meter). Though as scottfrye said above(#3), the second half really is better–more characters and more variety in the dialog, humor, and activities.

    I’m undecided on buying the DVDs; leaning towards waiting for a full series collection down the road. On one hand I would feel guilty about not buying them because I use the series as something to listen to at work to blanket out the office noise, so I even though I’ve only watched it once, I’ve listened to it around fifty times since last fall. On the other hand, I still haven’t convinced myself I liked it enough to watch it again (aka buy it).

    And, yes, Kagami is the best.

  8. morimoli

    I haven’t gotten around to watching any Lucky Star beyond a few clips here and there, but I have always wanted to mostly based on the character designs.
    I watched all of Azumanga Daioh and enjoyed it very much, so if this show is even a little bit like it I’m sure I’ll get hooked.
    Also I don’t know how you can stand to watch the English dub, every single time I try with any show it just sounds so terrible and really gets on my nerves ^o^

  9. ron~

    yes, same format, but with better presentation, you’ll love the rest

  10. lu-k

    Lucky Star came as a very refreshing show for me, since I am especially fond of this kind of comedy, and have not seen such an anime since Azumanga Daioh. Well, there were a lot of great comedies in the meanwhile, like School Rumble, Full Metal Panic… but this cannot be compared to those 4-panel manga adaptations, I think.
    As you will see, most of Lucky Star jokes are very “otaku-oriented”, and I guess it is a big aspect of its success.
    This said, there are more and more comedies targetting this public… it seems GENSHIKEN has shown the way ^^

    I was first fan of Kagami as well. The tsundere stuff I guess… but now, I am definitely fan of her twin sister Tsukasa.
    She gets stronger with episodes, and she really shines in some scenes arround half of the serie. She is fantastic to me ^^

  11. Len-Vesper

    Lucky Star vis-a-vis Reservoir Dogs.

    That’s kind of a scary yet accurate comparison there, of course Lucky Star doesn’t have any of the gratuitous violence or a crazy guy that cuts off an ear but I agree with you that the conversational scenes match Tarantino’s ‘casual’ writing for spoken-word parts of script.

    I didn’t think of it that way before, haha!

    I’m glad to hear the dub managed to get decent voices. I kind of cringed when I thought about how much emotion and subtlety they had to sink in since a lot of the scenes that have long conversations tend to be really big on context.

  12. theunholy

    anyone else think that they say things completely random
    that have nothing whatsoever to do about the current conversation that they were having 20sec. ago on that show they say one thing and then right in the middle they change subject….what ever I don’t care its a good anime.

  13. theunholy

    “You can bleed me! You can break my bones! You can kill me! But know that my soul has been commended to Her! Death is but a gift as that would send me to battle by Her side to the ends of time! FOR THE GOD EMPRESS! FOR HARUHI!”

    Captain-Knight of the SOS Dan, in the eternal service of Her Holy God Empress, Haruhi Suzumiya. a little off topic lol.

  14. theunholy

    lucky star is mostly oriented for otaku but a lot of people seem to find it enjoyable and funny for all the random stuff it talks about. I don’t know what people have a problem with understanding it for though its easy to follow and understand unless your a complete retard.

    god its hard to deal with noobs sometimes…not you guys but actual noobs who dont know there ass from a hole in the ground!


  15. theunholy

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  16. theunholy

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  18. theunholy

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    ….sorry about the insults lol.

  19. theunholy

    Oh ok i was once again corrected i really need to pay attention to what i am doing sorry again :p

  20. ranakwolfpriest

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  21. theunholy

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  22. ranakwolfpriest

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  23. theunholy

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  24. ranakwolfpriest

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  25. theunholy

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  26. ranakwolfpriest

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