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5 Centimeters Per Second

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24 responses to “5 Centimeters Per Second”

  1. Vodak

    It is peices of animation like 5cm that make me love anime.

  2. CCY

    Watched 5cm for the first time about two weeks ago, and I’d pretty much agree 100% with what you thought.

    It’s the ‘right’ ending, oh so real, but still not the one that I as an optimist wanted … and that’s probably better in the end, as it’s anime like these that, like Vodak said, restore my faith in the genre as almost a sort of two-way street. It doesn’t just cause us to consider the character’s situation but also our own.

    Personally I thought the montage confusing, but that’s because it was my first time and I was expecting more from the third story. A rewatch will probably clarify its message for me.

  3. JF

    I had not even heard of this until just now when I read your post. It’s not often things like this slip under my radar, thusly I will have to go about and pick it up for a good watch.

    Given your sidetrack, the show must be pretty deep in order to provoke such usually estranged thoughts. I tend to love that kind of content, I love it when my brain is picked, or even better, stimulated to think things that usually get overlooked.

  4. rain

    I just rewatched 5cm in hd and it indeed brings much more justice to the art and animation.

  5. hashihime

    The best feature-length animation ever, as far as I am concerned. Thanks for emphasizing the life and psychology. What I always see is one great haiku after another. Now I can see that it takes us closer to real human life, as it also takes us closer to the spiritual reality all around us.

  6. ERev

    I watched this movie a while ago and even now, just thinking about it makes my heart turn. I held the feelings the movie made me feel for a good two to three weeks after i watched it. It really is a masterpiece that captured the experience of life that everyone goes through. Even now, my heart feels…

  7. Nork22

    Once my R1 DVD arrives, I’m ordering the Blu-Ray version (even if I still don’t have a Blu-Ray player).

  8. TheBigN

    “That said, I wish he ran after her.”

    Same here. But then again, as you’ve said, that’s life.

  9. Zeroblade

    Perhaps that’s what makes 5cm that much more… “human”.

  10. Angel Lahoo

    >(^ x ^)<

  11. suneo

    I saw this film a number of months back and it really hit me then, and since has stuck with me as one of my favorite films ever (anime or otherwise). I even bought the novel for it, which I plan to make my way through soon lol. Loved the film and loved how you described it in your post.

    btw are you guys talking a domestic bluray release (anything with english subtitles) or imported from japan?

  12. Howie H

    Yep, one of the most beautiful/sad animes all-time.

  13. helen

    see… the distance problem gets dismissed you have a thing called the email.

  14. Nork22

    The thing with this show it looks like the first part was set in the 80′s. So email is not really a factor.

    Anyway, watching the R1 DVD on a 1080p TV (upscaled too) and damn does it look gorgeous.

  15. The Sojourner

    [That said, I wish he ran after her]

    Perhaps that is the beauty of the show because it did not happen.

  16. Nork22

    Fare game with all the nice pics of your figures. >:D

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  19. Veers

    Got around to watching this movie recently. I really loved it. Blows Beyond the Clouds out of the water. I could relate to the movie a lot, which made it meaningful and not just wonderful eye candy.

    As for the ending, I was not surprised that he did not run after her. I think he finally kinda, you know, realized that his moping around wasn’t gonna get him anywhere. At the end, I think by the fact that she was gone and he was smiling, they moved on; she was happy, and while Takaki wasn’t at the time, I’m sure he will be. As said, it is still sad, but that’s life.

    CCY: After watching it three times I can say for sure that it’ll make more sense after watching it again. Same thing happened to me (confused about some things after watching it once). The film is very deliberate and really weaves itself together well.

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