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Kotona Elegance

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27 responses to “Kotona Elegance”

  1. priss

    Nice in the fluff! I can’t wait for this delicious beauty to turn up at my door! It’s so good see who online makes the same preorders! It tends to be the most reassuring thing when justifying a new addition! The bow and boots combo is just to die for.

  2. Almost A Hero

    You damn bastard.

    And by that, what I really mean is “Why does light love you so?”

    It’s like… like http://img229.imageshack.us/img229/812/lightal2.jpg.

    Anyway, love the ones with the chair. Very chic.

  3. gordon

    nice lovely photos once again! me love the pink fur. ^^;

  4. ron~

    Sharp photos as always, I need to learn alot from you :D

    I want this figurine now ._. this one is based from tony taka illustration right?

  5. rain

    The pink fluff you did was excellent. And yes, the eyes are gorgeous. I noticed her hair looks one tone darker in your pictures.

    I thought they could have done better with the base. But then again, love how the focus is put on Kotona herself. My bro said Kotona’s really attracting, especially with her colours – the greens and the reds contrasts really well.

  6. Belela-san

    OMG stop torturing me with her pictures plz. I’ve had on pre-order since mid December and still haven’t got her, still waiting for her to be shipped then those damn custom services will delay her even more. Can’t wait to take some pictures with her alongside with my gundams

  7. Panther

    Very nice photos, may I know what you used? And great pics of Kotona especially with the pink fluff. Still waiting for her to arrive in stores here in SG since I missed her preorder.

  8. Howie H

    This is a nice figure for sure!
    But the paint job is just fine…
    Still good buy though~

  9. Windbell

    Yay, you got her too!

    I still can’t get a completely white background even with three lights ^^;

  10. Zeroblade

    I was really tempted to get her too, but I had other things to get, and I really wasn’t into Zoids anymore.
    Noticeably, the eyes of a figure, when looking off to the side and to the distance, seem to have more of an attractive, “elegant” (as you put it), feel than oh say, eyes that are just staring straight at you.

  11. Prim3

    ouch.. you got her already! I am still waiting for mine..

    love your pink fluff.. it blends well with her dress.. and ya.. she’s gorgeous ^^

  12. Panther

    I read your previous post on lighting and photoshoots SR, so I learnt quite a bit and will be looking for those stuff you said would help a lot.

    Unfortunately mine is a digital camera, not a SLR, so obviously, I cannot do very much with it.

    And your camera model is Evolt? The hell, you got it from Zoids Genesis? Evolt. ;)

    Thanks for the help.

  13. Kotona Elegance - I’ve Anime!

    [...] HappySoda [...]

  14. Cameron Probert

    Good stuff. Just felt like I had to say something :)

  15. coeli

    Pretty and so pink! I like the chair/stand and I like how her face looks…like she’s shy or something.

  16. Radiant

    I quite like the chair that she sits on. The way you’ve managed to light it looks VERY cool. And putting her in a bed of ummm… soft stuff… it’s quite cool! I like how you are able to repurpose your figures in such creative ways!

  17. AS

    Haha, the bottom shot was nice ;p. Nice use of fluff.

  18. asdf

    I think this one just ruined your collection

    hot pink = disgusting

    bad paint job too

    like the chair though

  19. lu-k

    Gyyaa this figure is really tempting. For know the only Kotona I have is the nendoroid version. A nice pair with Re Mie.
    I will wait to see this figure in French stores, then decide to purchase it or not. A bit too pink for my tastes, but green hair beats everything ^^;

    Thrid picture is wonderful!

  20. radiantdreamer

    nani? I think you have me confused with Shinohai! Oooooooh photoshopping, not actual shopping shopping! :P

    Pic 1 & 4 are definitely my favorites.

  21. JF

    You’re going to make me get this one too now, Super_rats, damn you. I just came back from Sakuracon myself with a swath of figurines I didn’t have before too, so I’m going to try and figure out how to get high quality shoots like you keep doing.

    I had posted a request in a previous blog entry comment of yours hoping to get some pointers on how to get such clean shots like you keep managing to amaze us with. XD

  22. Persefone Loki

    She is very beautiful and your photos too, i had follow your tutorial, but is complicated, my first test i follow what Danny Choo said, i go the Sun, but didn`t worked.

  23. Len-Vesper

    Ahaha, I feel like such a spaz now!

    I just found your tutorial on how to set up lighting in your earlier posts, Super Rats. Sorry for asking twice! D:

    I should have searched sooner. Going to give these things a shot.

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