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Auu, Makoto Sawatari

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25 responses to “Auu, Makoto Sawatari”

  1. Belela-san

    I really liked Kanon, I was kinda sad how Makoto arc ended but still was very cute. The photo set is simple and good balanced lighting. How’s the photo book progress?! Don’t forget I want one ^^

  2. bigearl

    Hehe, that is such a cute figure, it almost makes me want to watch the show! I love her boots and socks and the little chickies :) !

    The picket fence shot is awesomely perfect :) .

  3. shino

    I think the chicks are cute, I can almost hear them going “cheep cheep!” in my head as I imagine a gaggle of chicks would ^^

    The sculpt was really done nicely for this figure, everything from the hair to the top to how the end of her skirt juts out as she leans forwards.

    Kanon is one pretty sweet anime, maybe when you finish Makoto’s arc, you’ll follow up and let us know if you like the figure more or less then? :p

  4. Kenny

    Your photography skills is wicked sick!

  5. lu-k

    Those chicks are so funny ^^;
    The more I see her, the more I am impatient to receive that lovely figure of Makoto.
    Would never have imagined it was this color… kindda original ^^;

    5th picture is a cruel teasing dude ;)

  6. coeli

    Man she’s as cute as the chicks!

  7. Shavelle

    I just recieved mine today, very lovely. My only real complaint is the lack of extras. I was hoping for Piro to be included or maybe just castoff, oh well.

    I’m REALLY hoping that Max Factory releases figures for the other Kanon girls as well. Come on MaxFac, announce a figure of my lovely Shiori-chan!

  8. ron~

    very nice photos, love the sharpness and also the chicks :D

    agree with kenny, you are the man for figure photos :D

  9. JF

    As usual, Super Rats, great job with the camera work. You have this amazing talent with white-boxing, I can only hope to pick up the same ability you did to get such crisp, lovely pictures.

  10. valho

    those chicks are really cute, wish I could get them here. The one thing I really like about this figure is the hair, I am a sucker for long wind blown hair :) . great set of photos as usual

  11. AS

    Props, like the chicks, add to your pictures so they’re always welcomed ^^.

  12. Dancing Queen

    she looks amazing, i read this the moment mine arrived at the door so it just added to the awesomeness! she really is an amazing figure and i love your photos!

  13. alafista

    aww she looks so cute with all the tiny chicks

    The fifth photo with the close up of her hair in the wind looks really awesome.

  14. priss

    An innovation in colour coding ^_^ & pink chicks! Cho kawaii!!!
    Kanon is an odd show for sure but I think part of its power and charm is that it GETS you! This Makoto sculpt is amazing when you relate it to her role in the story, I wonder if you’ll agree after you get to know her a little better. Fabulous shots as always. Can’t wait for my Makoto now ^^

  15. helena

    “I do wonder if I’ll wind up liking the figure more or less once I’ve seen Makoto’s arc.”

    I don’t know either – I didn’t, but you probably will

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  18. Meimi132

    I think the Makoto arc was my favourite… and saddest to me… I really want this figure, but its long since sold out and oop, so I got no clue how to get it.

    And oversized boots are one of my favourite fashion things. Love them.

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