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Saya Kind of Sucks in the First Half of Blood+

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13 responses to “Saya Kind of Sucks in the First Half of Blood+”

  1. Len-Vesper

    I’ve heard some mixed feelings about Blood+, though people do end up saying that it’s a good series when all things are considered. I haven’t watched it myself.

    I think your complaints are justified if it really is that watered down, as far as Saya goes!

  2. Burrowowl

    I have a strong disinclination to watch read, or otherwise consume vampire-related fiction, but Blood+ is a pretty strong counter-example. I never really latched onto her as a protagonist, as I found her brothers to be more interesting characters. In a way, Saya is the real antagonist in the first half of the series. What manner of peril is she going to bring next? What is she, really, and what ramifications may this have for the people around her and the world in general? That kinda stuff. The production quality was outstanding, of course, and the version I saw was well-subbed.

  3. Belela-san

    Funny though I only watched the movie version which is around 14~20 minutes XD. Still haven’t found time to get and watch this one :P

  4. Adun

    Personally I found Blood+ to be a rollercoaster kind of series. Starts off ok, becomes crap, starts picking up once again, becomes crap again, good for only a little bit, then total disappointment. A friend of mine is a huge Blood+ fan, but I just couldn’t find why she loved it so much as majority of the series I found to be absolute crap, especially the 2nd half.

  5. Radiant

    Hmmm, and here I was thinking that you were using a pun. So she really does suck eh? That’s a shame. I can see why they chose a more vulnerable Saya though – it does give a little more human characteristic to her, as well as makes for more intense scenes since she’s seemingly more vulnerable. It’s too bad they decided to play it up through weaknesses such as emotional anxiety rather than other potential story driving weaknesses… looks like another series I’ll have to watch, when I have time. :P

  6. Nork22

    My sentiments were the same. Sony just slap this boxset together with narly of a though on how it should be put together. The dub was alright to me, but yes, overusing some actors is just pushing it. Although it’s nice to hear Kari Wahlgren play the evil sister. She plays it like Anemone, but a bit more in the right state of mind and yet a complete sadist.

    As for the story itself, I still can’t believe I went thru 20 episodes of angst in 3 days like yourself. It’s addictive yet frustrating at times.

  7. byaku-chan

    If you’re watching Blood+ for the character development it’s going to be a long and frustrating ride. The plot meanders a bit and is messy at best. I’m more character-driven when it comes to what keeps me interested in a series – fortunately I really took to Saya’s and Haji’s designs and relationship dynamics so the shortcomings of Blood+ are forgivable.

    It’s not a bad series by any means, just one of those bumpy ones that’s easy to enjoy if you don’t take it too seriously.

  8. screw saya

    Saya and Hagi were so boring to me. They hardly had any character growth. Know what, I think the only character who truly grew the most was Kai. He accepted and loved Saya as family, had to deal with Riku’s death the hardest. My favorite characters were Diva, Solomon and Nathan. Sad when you don’t even care about the protagonist at all.

  9. Bob

    Kai was really annoying, always screaming and denying facts. I know they tried to make it look like he suffered allot and had to carry a heavy burden but i could not like this whiny, loud and irrational character. He behaved like a stupid animal most of the time.

    Saya is probably the worst protagonist i have ever seen in any anime, she had no redeeming qualities at all.
    Physically weak, mentally fragile, easily manipulated by everyone, shows no sign of intelligence and self loathing to the point of being emo. She is not even funny. WTF.

    This anime had potential but just failed horribly.

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