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Tsuruya on Valentine’s Day

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26 responses to “Tsuruya on Valentine’s Day”

  1. Impz

    Tsuruya-sama \o/ go tsuruya go!

  2. valho

    very nice photos, I like those little hearts that you put in the first pic. btw how did you get the reflection , did you use glossy type of paper ?

  3. Lupus

    That looks absolutely fantastic. It’s one of those figures that I’m tempted to buy, but I just know that once I pop, I can’t stop.

  4. Dancing Queen

    She looks great, Tsuruya-san is one of those figures that i’ve been wanting but is still on the back burner of whether i’ll actually buy her or not…

  5. Nork22

    Nice backgrounds that tempt me to buy this Tsuruya figure, but will resist! Anyway, speaking of background, did you use wrapping paper as the background paper?

  6. lu-k

    Got mine on Valentine too haha ^^;
    But can’t find time to take pictures =_=

    I like the 3rd photo from the end, with red bg (the same used for Pachira??)

    Not taking redundant pictures is not always easy. I am definitely with you on that point.

  7. Adun

    I was up in the air whether I wanted the Max Factory or Alter Tsuruya, but eventually I got the Alter version. Still, this Tsuruya is just as cute.

  8. coeli

    That little chick on Tsuruya’s arm looks really cute lol.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  9. Figured

    Happy V-Day! Whenever I get a nice little picture taking setup I am going straight to the paper store nearby to get some fancy backgrounds too~

  10. ron~

    great pictures, very sharp :D

    I love that red background :D the same one with pachira pictures right?

    and also happy valentine day!

  11. Aya Kyunik

    Nice photos again XD
    The chick on her arm was quite amusing :3

    I’ve also ordered this Tsuruya (being a fan…) but seems like HLJ has some problems with my copy of her ;_;

  12. rain

    Love the backgrounds, especially the green ones. Waiting for mine from a local dealer.

  13. Belela-san

    Well at least Max Factory seemed to be on time for the launch of this figure, same thing isn’t happening with Kotona Elegance which was rescheduled to March :( .

    For me Max Factory makes the best figures from Haruhi series but the Mikuru one was the weakest and Alter will take that spot with their Mikuru maid ^^. Tsuruya is really good on this figure the sculptor really picked her essence.

  14. alafista

    aww the one with the tiny chick is so cute ~

  15. AS

    I’m a big fan of Tsuruya, especially her fang ^^. But I just can’t seem to like any of the Tsuruya’s that come out lol, they just don’t look right to me. I like the first set of white background pics.

  16. LianYL

    I sense heavy photoshop.
    The shop I pre-ordered her from lost my record and I lost my receipt. As such, I have to fork out more money to order a new one. I am sad.

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  18. asdf

    How did she get that costume in the series again? I don’t even remember – was it also Haruhi’s doing?

  19. kyokii

    Great pictures.

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