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Saber, Kiritsugu in Black

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18 responses to “Saber, Kiritsugu in Black”

  1. lu-k

    haaaa the last one with the lion is really great indeed!
    Nice reflects on the “ground” too, that’s beautiful. White gives another amazing tone…

    How did you managed to make Kiritsugu stand on his own!? ^^
    Slight inclination or you just placed him like that?
    I couldn’t have him stand without the base, because of his coat’s weight. So couldn’t have something as awesome as the placement you give them on first picture :(

  2. Snacks

    Nice job super rats! I love the contrast between the black-suited figures and white background.

  3. ron~

    great pictures, the white bg match the figurine black suit well :D

    about the color shift, browsers don’t use the embedded color profile and use standard color table. But, even after the picture color table is converted to RGB standard, I still get slightly different color between photoshop and browser =\

  4. valho

    Black on white nice and the reflection on the ground is cool. It would be interesting if they made Fate/Zero into an anime as well, Kiritsugu should be a more interesting character than Shiro.

  5. Aya Kyunik

    Nice photos, I’m a huge fan of Kiritsugu compared to Shiro XD

    ugh, i hate dealing with colour calibrations in classes. And I can understand the frustrations of adjusting the photos @_@

  6. Cameron Probert

    So I have to ask, is Fate/Stay actually any good? I’ve heard good things and bad things, and the anime looks fun, but it also looks like it could be insanely cheesy.

  7. coeli

    I agree with the rest regarding the contrast between the white background and the black suits. Great shots!

    Saber looks like a guy~

  8. Dancing Queen

    Oh man i completely regret dropping my order for these two, i’m gonna have to save up some cash and get them now, they look so awesome!

  9. Zeroblade

    I’d've gotten Saber alone because you almost never see figures of women in suits. And she does indeed, look cute in it, but she looks much more refined and sophisticated as opposed to say, her in her armor.

  10. bigearl

    Saber in a suit! I’m still waiting for my Emiya. I love my Saber in a suit! And she doesn’t look like a guy, though I wouldn’t mind if she did. I wouldn’t have gotten Emiya, but I rarely see guy figures that actually look good (and from shows I actually watch) so I had to get him. Plus, Saber would have looked so lonely by herself.

    I hope someone makes a Motoko Kusanagi in a suit. Then I’d be in heaven :) .

  11. asdf

    Saber looks sooooooo good in a suit – we need more “girls in suit” anime series

  12. Emiya and Saber in suits « Toys Workz

    [...] check out super rats excellent shots of Emiya and Saber here and also lu-k’s version [...]

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