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Hot House Shouko-san

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22 responses to “Hot House Shouko-san”

  1. lu-k

    Such a gorgeous lady! I was not very attracted by the first pink version, but this one looks… just wooow! ^^
    Last picture emits such a warm feeling. That’s beautiful.

    Cleavage shot = approuved! hehe ^^”

  2. Edward

    This is really nice… I can’t believe I missed this one. ^^;

  3. Adun

    Strange, I’ve never seen this figure before. A very lovely figure at that and it is definitely a classic pinup.

  4. ron~

    very lovely photos :D great angles too, 2 thumbs up d^_^b

  5. aKho

    damn, your photoshots makes even bland pvc looks sexy.

  6. Figured

    I almost bought the original one at a local comic store, but it was too expensive…I’m glad I passed on it because if I do get her I’d rather get this alternate one…

  7. Aya Kyunik

    Oh wow, I know that Kotobukiya has some fairly glossy figures, which kind of put me off most of them, but you’ve done a great job on this one. XD

  8. Almost A Hero

    Nice pics, as always.

    I love the cheesecake feel this figurine gives off. It reminds me of the WWII girls sprayed on the noses of old fighter planes. I own the pink version (the pink teddy is detachable), and I’m fairly happy with it, so I think you probably win regardless of which one you buy :P

  9. byaku-chan

    I have the original colour version and didn’t fancy the alternate one at all, but she looks utterly delightful in your set. (And Jeff Buckley incorporated into a Shunya figure review, doesn’t get better than that.)

  10. Belela-san

    Not one of my favorite Shunya figures, Needa is much better looking than this one if you ask me

  11. suneo

    Hmm at first glance in promo photos this figure didn’t really appeal to me, but I gotta admit, you make her look really good lol. She looks absolutely delectable!

  12. rain

    nice job on the glossiness, and i am impressed with the lighting you chose. nice pictures ^^

  13. Jeff Flowers

    I have ten Yamashita figurines and I think Shouko is my favorite one, at least until Arisa arrives. I have some photos of my collection of Flickr, but nothing as good as we see here.

    Nice work!

  14. coeli

    Great pictures! Makes Shouko-san look prettier… I think this version of Shouko-san is nicer than the other (the one with blue/green hair).

  15. AS

    She looks sexy but the pose looks a bit funny to me, this is because of the way her legs are arranged. It looks a bit unnatural to constantly stick your legs up in the air like that, especially for a pose, maybe if she crossed her legs would it look more natural, for me at least lol.

  16. Persefone Loki

    You passed oil in it? Or the paint is gloss in this manner?

  17. Cameron Probert

    Awesome… seriously awesome.

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